Create a Support Team for Your Midlife Awakening, Part 2


You’re changing.

While this is exciting, it’s also scary. Peeling back layers of your life (and yourself!) that don’t fit anymore is freeing, but leaving behind what’s familiar and comfortable is scary.

You have lived a good life up until now, and you’re grateful for it, but you crave more.

More adventure, more connection, more purpose…

You may not know exactly what that will look like yet, but there’s something inside you that is propelling you towards finding it.

Along the way, having a group of personal cheerleaders on your side can help you when things get tough.

On Tuesday, I started the discussion for creating a strong support team to help you transition through your Midlife Awakening with more ease and strength.

The right people on your support team will challenge you and be there for you. They’ll never make you feel bad; they’ll only boost you up.

In Part 1 of this two part series, I focused on the critical part of your support team: friends and family. But, they alone can’t offer you everything you will need.

It helps to also sprinkle in other women that are going through the same thing. Or, you might include other women that have already awakened and transitioned into their power.  Finally, if appropriate, you may consider roping in some professional people.

All of these individuals will give you something your friends and family aren’t equipped to provide (yet on the flip side, none of these people can support you like your friends/family, so this is why you need both!).



To recap, in case you’re new around here and wondering what a Midlife Awakening is, let me bring you up to speed.

“Midlife Awakening” is a term I use to describe the period of life when women transition through their midlife years.  Some may call it a ‘midlife crisis,' but I don’t that term aptly applies to how women experience this rite of passage.

For many women, as they approach their 40s, they start to feel a little uncomfortable in their skin.  The life they’ve created for themselves doesn’t seem to fit anymore, and it’s scary AF.

It’s uncomfortable to feel like who you’ve always been is no longer who you want to be.

So, it’s a time of tuning into yourself, rediscovering who you are, and stepping into your power.  It happens for all women and, typically, it starts in the late 30s (but since everyone is different, it can hit a little earlier or later).



Your friends and family will be a major part of your support team. But, you can’t discount the power of someone else that has walked in your shoes.

Yes, some of your friends may be experiencing something similar, so in a few cases, these may overlap, however, finding women outside your traditional circles expands your horizon and opens you to a different perspective.

The goal of transitioning through your awakening is to discover who are you now and that means trying new things. When you step outside your usual circle, you open yourself up to new ideas and new experiences.

But, how do you meet these other women?

  • Get involved in local networking groups

  • Join new organizations that align with your hobbies and interests

  • Find groups online

When you reach out to join these groups - whether online or in person - they likely won’t be specifically for women going through a ‘midlife crisis,' so it will mean talking to these women as you get to know them.

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences once you feel comfortable with them. Most are probably like you and feel they are alone. By introducing the topic, you create a network of women who will enrich your journey by sharing theirs.



The last element you may want to add to your support team is a professional (or two!).

That could mean a therapist or coach.  A therapist is ideal when you have some deeper issues from the past that you can’t push through on your own.  A coach is perfect for when you want to move forward and don’t know where or how to proceed. You might also employ a coach when you can’t quite get out of your own way (but not due to deeper issues best served by a therapist).

Either of these resources will give the support and safe space to explore yourself and your capabilities further.

You may also consider adding regular self-care to your routine via a massage or Reiki if funds allow for it.  These can be so beneficial for releasing stress and negative energy.



Your midlife awakening is a time where you get to reinvent yourself and your life. This may be a small tweak or a major overhaul.  There is no right or wrong for all, just right and wrong for you.

How often do you get to reinvent yourself? This is a time to embrace yourself and your desires.

By building the right support team around you, you ensure that you are not going through this transition alone. The right friends, family, professionals, and other women walking the same path can do amazing things for helping you uncover the parts of yourself that are dying to come out and play.

Ready to make the most of your Midlife Awakening? Then let's talk about working together!