Facing Fears and Kicking Booty


If you were guaranteed success, what dream would you chase?

Would it be to…

  • Quit your soul-sucking job and change directions to a new career that would finally light you up?

  • Write the book that’s been writing itself in your mind for what feels like forever?

  • Put yourself back out there and finally search for the love you crave?

  • Go on that trip you’ve been Pinning for years and enjoy a much-deserved break?

Everyone has dreams.  

Some dreams are big, some are small, and others are somewhere in the middle.  Some dreams feel achievable and others feel so far out of reach, they might as well be stars in the night-sky.

But here’s the thing about dreams...unless you turn them into goals, they all remain as stars in the sky, no matter how “easy” or “small” they may be.

When you think about that one dream you’d chase if you were guaranteed success, I have to ask:  why would you only chase it if success was a guarantee?

Why don’t you want to chase your dream regardless of the outcome?

Is it because you’re afraid of falling on your face?  Or, maybe it’s because you’re afraid of realizing it’s not actually what you want?

I know there could be a number of logistical reasons why you leave that one dream on the edge of reality, but life’s responsibilities will always be there, so using them as an excuse is the easy way out.

Look, I understand that making changes and putting yourself out there is scary!  But, here’s the thing...when you do it scared, you open the door for change.  Maybe you hit some potholes, but you learn how to navigate those challenges and become stronger.

Even if you come to realize that dream isn’t really what you want, after all, it gives you the space to release that dream, see new opportunities (that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise), and course-correct to a better dream.

When you face your fears and stand up to them, you begin the process of getting unstuck.  

You start to see things differently.  You start to become stronger and better.  And, when you smash that goal or realize it wasn’t the right goal, to begin with, you clear mental space and energy to create new goals.

When you do all of that...you kick booty in your life!

Now is the time to make the changes you crave.  Do it scared, rewrite your fear stories, and make it happen.

So, my dear, I have to ask you: what’s holding you back from chasing that one dream that keeps tugging on your heart and whispering in your ear?

Drop a comment below or send me an email and let me know.  I’d love to hear all about your big dream and how you’re going to start chasing it!