Taking Action is the Secret Sauce to Changing Your Life


For many, taking action is a hard step.

What if I fail?  What if I don’t like it?  What if, what if, what if….

But, here’s another thought:  What if you love it?  What if it leads you to something even better?

Taking action is the secret sauce to getting the life you love.  You can’t just say you want something different, or that things need to change unless you’re ready to back it up with action.

I believe so strongly in the power of action that it’s part of my 1:1 work with my clients !  You can’t create change until you do something about it - talking about won’t get you where you want to go.

So, today, I want to inspire you to take action and start inviting in what’s missing in your life.



So why is taking action so important?  To put it simply - it gets you moving.

So many people like to wait until all their ducks are in a row before taking a step (I’ve been guilty of that one many times!), but sometimes, you just have to throw caution to the wind and dive in.  You will learn more by doing, than by not doing.

You will learn more by doing, than by not doing.

When you finally take a step and give something a try, you shift into your place of curiosity.  Getting curious is a such a good way to uncover what you need more of in your life, so whenever you feel your curiosity piqued...chase it and act on it!

One of my favorite reasons for taking action is that action builds confidence.  When you put yourself out there and try those things that frighten you, you prove your fears wrong and your confidence peaks.

You get to see what works and what doesn’t, which allows you to tweak your process and change it up...this right here is learning, folks.  You build new skills, experiences, and awareness every time you take action.  When that happens, you’re exposed to new doors that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise (and that, my dear, is one of the gifts the universe hands you, if you’re paying attention!).

The beauty in taking action is that it ignites an energy that invites in more of what you’re seeking - it tells the universe you’re ready, and suddenly, you’ll start seeing more of what you’re after.  It’s like magic!  



Everyone loves to take a peek behind someone else’s curtain, so instead of just preaching to you, let me share a couple of ways I’ve taken action over the past couple of years to stand up to my fears and invite in some much-needed change.



After ending a long-term relationship several years ago, I took some time off from dating.  I like to take time for myself to get to know myself at the new stage of my life.  I like to reflect back, try new things, and just be me for awhile.  Since I do enjoy time on my own, sometimes I stay in this phase longer than I probably ‘should’!  So, it tends to make it more of a challenge to get back into the dating world.

After enjoying a couple of solo years (with the random date here and there), my heart was telling me it was time to actively seek a relationship.  Now, I’m not one to take any guy that comes along just to award the ‘boyfriend’ label to someone and check off that box!  But, I’m not a casual dater - if I’m dating, it’s with the purpose of trying to find a partner.

But, at the time of getting back into the dating world, ‘looking for a partner’ felt a little overwhelming.  Talk about pressure!  So, on the advice of my life coach, at the time, I dialed it back and set an objective to just date for the sake of dating.  

I liked the idea but was understandably terrified, lol.  But, I embraced it and turned it into a challenge!  I challenged myself to go on 10 first dates over three months to get back into it and lose my awkwardness.  I wasn’t expecting much since I was meeting these guys online, but the universe surprised me and I met an amazing man on date #3.  Over a year later, and we’re still going strong!



Being the hardcore introvert that I am, getting out from behind my business is challenging.  I’m fantastic behind the scenes!  But, I know I have to be more visible to grow my business into my vision and reach the women I want to serve.

So, last fall, I decided to create a challenge for myself where I would pitch guest articles, magazine articles, podcasts, speaking opportunities, and to attend in-person networking events.  

I was nervous, but I embraced it and, while I’m still working on it, it’s done wonders for boosting my confidence, extending my reach, and validating my vision and mission.

I’m no longer afraid to walk into a room full of other accomplished entrepreneurs and talk about myself and my business.  I discovered I love to talk on podcasts and after getting every writing pitch accepted, I now see myself as a writer.



If you’re not one that is prone to action, taking these steps can feel daunting.  The inner critic voice gets loud and loves to remind you of everything that might go wrong.  So, it’s understandable if you’re hesitant to take that chance.

But, what if you turned that around and asked yourself to consider everything that might go right.  Focus on that and tiptoe into your action step!

If you’re not sure where to start, try listening to your heart: what’s it craving more of?  where do you feel envious of what others are doing?  where do you feel stuck?  what would you like to do, or need to do, that feels scary?

Once you identify an area that is in need of action, all you have to figure out is the first step.  That’s it! You don’t have to plan out every single move...just that first step.  

Depending on your personality, that step can be small or you may be the type to prefer to jump right into the deep end.  Regardless of what you decide to do, my only request is that you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

Don’t overthink it...just do it.


You have a choice....you can stay exactly where you are and feel safe and secure by never trying anything new.

Or, you can challenge yourself to see what you’re made of and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

When you take action, you shift your world.  Even if you “fail”, you have taken a step forward. Regardless of the outcome, reflect back on the action you took: what worked and what didn’t.  

If you “failed” in a traditional sense, challenge yourself to reframe it to see the opportunity for growth so you learn something from.

Then, get back out there and take another action.