How Finding Your Purpose Gets You Unstuck


“What am I supposed to do with my life?”

Sounds like a question a 20-year-old college student would obsess over, right?

Maybe they do, but I doubt they lose any sleep over it the way someone with 20+ years of life experience post-college!

For most of us, we did what we were supposed to do, or what seemed like the best options for a successful life, at the time.  But, unfortunately, for many, it doesn’t turn out to be a path to a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Last week, I talked about what triggers the deep desire to find your calling and life’s purpose (personal crisis - job loss, business failure, divorce, death of a loved one, etc.; or, major life milestone - turning 35/40/50, kids leaving home, relocation, etc.) and why finding your purpose is crucial to living a meaningful and rewarding life.

This week, I want to continue the conversation and talk about how you can start to uncover the purpose you’re so desperately craving.  It doesn’t help to know you’re longing for something more in your life if you have no idea how to go about figuring it out, right?



When you find your purpose, you start to set yourself free from a life that leads to regrets, and you create a life that feels rewarding and fulfilling.

Most people are just coasting through life and living out the expectations of others.  As a result, they’re burned out, exhausted, unfulfilled, and bitter (sound like anyone you know??).  They’re living a half-life, and they believe this is normal.

It may be common to feel burnt-out and unfulfilled, but it shouldn’t be normal.

It may be common to feel burnt-out and unfulfilled, but it shouldn’t be normal.

Unfortunately, for most, without the assistance of a personal crisis, you wait for things to change or suck it up and assume this is just what life is all about.

But, ignoring those desires to figure out why you’re here, what you should be doing with your life, and what you’re leaving behind; you’re ignoring the opportunity to live a life that you deserve to live.  

And that’s a shame.

Everyone has a purpose and gifts that need to be shared with the world, but few answer the calling to figure it out and make it happen.



The solution to answering that desire to find more meaning in your life is a combination of things, but first and foremost it’s making yourself a priority in your life.  

If you don’t feel the deep desire to find your purpose is worth exploring, and you don’t set aside the time and energy to discover it, then your purpose and your gifts, will sadly remain hidden and wasted.

Your purpose is inside of you, just waiting to be discovered.  But, it’s not going to present itself on its own. You have to coax it out and welcome it into your life.  

But here’s the kicker: purpose is a practice, it’s not a thing.  It’s not set in stone or inflexible. You don’t discover it, then call it a day.  It’s organic and changes over time as you and your life evolve.

No one else has the same purpose as you - just as you are unique, so is your purpose and that’s what makes this world so beautiful.

So, what exactly is your purpose?  As Richard Leider explains in The Power of Purpose, it’s a combination of your gifts/talents, what moves and inspires you, and what the world needs.

So, how do you figure all of this out?



As a society, we are busy-busy-busy.  We use busyness as a validation of our self-worth and as social status ("I must be important and/or needed because I’m so busy!").

But the reality is that being busy has NOTHING to do with your self-worth or living a fulfilling life.  It’s a smoke screen that hides the fact that you don’t know yourself all that well.

When we’re constantly on the go and our schedules are overflowing, we have no time to hear our calling and explore who we are and what we truly want.

So, to start the quest to find your purpose, you have to stop being so busy.



To hear what your heart and soul are truly desiring, you have to spend time with yourself.  This is when you start to open the door to figuring out what your being called to do with your life.

Take note, spending time with yourself to figure out all of these answers isn’t a Netflix-and-chill night!  This is quiet solitude where you reflect on the questions that keep you awake at night, explore your many gifts and talents, or figure out what moves or inspires you into action.

It’s about getting curious in your life!  Until you can get quiet with yourself, you will never hear your true calling and purpose.



The wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert uses the term “Chase your curiosity,” and it’s a bit of a mantra for me.

What piques your curiosity should be explored because it provides clues.

Your curiosity helps you identify what lights you up, opens new doors for finding your gifts and talents, and allows you to discover what moves you.



Your gifts are your talents - all of those things that come easy to you and where you naturally excel.  These can be gifts that you’ve honed over the years, ones that you feel motivated to work on, or they can be so natural to you that you don’t even see them as gifts!

When you know your gifts, you’re able to consider how to use them in a way that lights you up and addresses an area of life that inspires you.



We’re all moved by something - social, family, spiritual, women’s causes, children’s education, healthy living, etc.

One of the keys to finding your purpose is to figure out what moves and inspires you, then use your natural talents and gifts to address a need in that area.



One of the hardest things for many women is setting boundaries.  But, boundaries are necessary to give you and your life structure.  Without them, the world around you will take advantage of you as you do-do-do for everyone else and never yourself.

To find your purpose, you need time alone, which means you need to stake a claim in your schedule and make that time a priority.  As you start to uncover your gifts and what moves you, it’s imperative to establish boundaries around those as well, so you continue to explore and grow.

It’s not selfish to work on bettering yourself and your life when the work you’re doing will positively impact so many people.



Wanting to find more meaning and fulfillment in your life is a worthy quest because it’s through finding our purpose that we define who we are and create a meaningful and rewarding life.  But, to do that, you have to make yourself a priority in your life so you can hear what your heart desires, see your true gifts and talents, and discover what moves and inspires you.

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