Why You Need Both Adventure & Inventure In Your Life


If I asked you if you knew yourself well, I’m betting you’d say ‘of course’ and then look at me like I have a second head. Right?

But, here’s a surprising fact: most people, don’t actually know themselves all that well (I don’t have stats to back that up, so it’s based on my experience with working and talking with people!).  

Most people think they know themselves well, but in reality, they only know what’s on the surface.

They hide behind the masks they’ve worn for years; their fears block their true desires;  doubts cloud their ability to see their capabilities and gifts.

By living on the surface of their identity, they can’t even answer fundamental questions on why they are living the life they’re living.  

Why?  Because they didn’t choose this life...this life chose them, and they’ve just gone along for the ride.

Adding to that is the fact that most people stay busy-busy-busy because it makes them feel important and feeds their self-worth.  In reality, the busyness keeps them on-the-go, so they don’t have to come face to face with the emptiness or unhappiness that lurks under the surface.

People have become so regimented and busy that they not only forget who they are, they forget to have fun!

In the process, many adults have become nothing more than robots.  

The problem with this is they only realize it when they’re too old to change the course of their life, and they end up filled with regrets.

What this all comes down to is that a purpose-driven life isn’t one of busyness and rote behavior.

 A purpose-driven, rewarding, and meaningful life is one that includes adventures and fun.  But, a purpose-driven life isn’t something you stumble into, it’s one you intentionally create once you know yourself on a deep level.

Making adventures and inventures a regular part of your existence is the path for transforming your life into something that fires you up instead of wearing you out.



“Inventure” is a term I read recently read in one of the many books I’ve been reading on purpose and finding your purpose (I don’t remember the specific book, but I know it was one written by Richard J. Leider).  It was mentioned almost in passing, but I loved it! 

But what does it mean?

“Inventure” refers to the internal process, or journey, you go on to get to know yourself better, clarify your desires and dreams, uncover your blocks, and discover your purpose.

In other words, it’s turning inward, getting curious, and exploring who you are, what you desire, and what makes you tick.

Why is this important?  Because if you don’t do this, you’re just skimming the top layer of life and most likely, living your life according to someone else’s dreams or expectations.  You’re just going through the motions, and that’s not a life.


We all know what adventure is: taking part in something that is out of your routine, perhaps a bit atypical, potentially daring, and always exciting.

And now you know what inventure is:  the inward journey of discovering yourself, seeing new sides of yourself and getting in front of your fears and doubts.

But, what’s important to understand is how both of these - adventure and inventure - work together and how necessary they both are in your life.

Adventure and inventure are essentially two sides of the same coin:

  • Both involve curiosity and courage

  • Both require you to get a little uncomfortable

  • Both provide the means for you to grow and expand beyond your perceived limitations

But, one involves your internal world and the other the external world. To maximize both, you can’t focus on one without the other.  

You need to experience inventure AND adventure on a regular basis to find your purpose and to deepen the meaningful way you live your life to create the best life for yourself.



So, how do you take an ‘inventure’?

Glad you asked!

There’s no one right or wrong way, but it does involve looking at your life and yourself from a new perspective.

What that means is:

  • Making yourself a priority in your life so that you set aside time to do the activities that allow you to make discoveries about yourself.

  • Giving yourself the permission to chase the desires that lie behind your doubts.

  • Asking the deep questions about what’s not working, or where you get in your way.

  • Making the time to journal, meditate, and/or work with a coach or therapist to stop skimming the surface and peel back the layers that hide your inner truth.

  • No longer hiding, avoiding, or obstructing the things that make you uncomfortable or frighten you.

  • Being brave, staying curious, and not judging yourself.

So, how do you go on an ‘inventure’?  You slow down, sit with yourself, explore your thoughts, and question your beliefs.

This isn’t a one-time activity.  It’s an ongoing practice that helps you be more present in your life, aware of what you truly desire, and to become more confident in your abilities to design a life you genuinely love.


Here’s the thing:  to live a well-rounded, fulfilled, purpose-driven life, you need to regularly explore your boundaries on the inside (inventure) and outside (adventure).

When you make inventures and adventures a priority in your life, together they will transform your life and lead you to paths you can’t even imagine exist for you.

So, are you ready to make the commitment to yourself to discover who you truly are on the inside and what you’re capable of achieving?  Yes, then let’s work together to start making magic happen in your life!