Busy Summer? Don't Forget to Make Yourself a Priority, too!


When the temps rise, and the sun shines, everything seems to slow down just a bit.  It’s Mother Nature’s way to remind us to relax, get outside, and be in the moment.

As lovely as that sounds, it can be hard to do, right?  

To make matters worse, we tend to create lofty expectations about creating the “perfect” summer and not wasting a moment of the season!

While that’s commendable...it’s also setting yourself up for burn-out and disappointments.  First of all, nothing is perfect! Secondly, if you map out exactly how the summer is supposed to play out, you are going to miss the beautiful opportunities that want to flow into your world, simply because it’s not on your agenda or bucket list.

I say drop the wish list, relax the must-dos, and just go with the flow.  It also means taking some time for yourself this summer to take care of yourself and your needs (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually).

I know this is a hard win for most women because we’ve been taught that taking time for ourselves is selfish.

I’ve said it before, and you’ve heard it before; but, I’ll say it again, and you’ll hear it again:  Taking time for yourself is NOT selfish!

I know you have a million things to do and a bunch of people depending on you, but guess what...the world won’t crash down because you take a little time out to read a book, or go for a walk, or write in your journal, or get a manicure, or take a yoga class, etc. etc. etc.

You’ll show up better for all of those people who depend on you if you say ‘no’ from time to time and give yourself the gift of some ‘me-time.’

It’s not selfish.

You can’t help everyone else without fueling your own gas tank first.  If you aren’t operating on a full tank, you’re not equipped to give to others as much as you’d like.

In other words, you’ll be able to provide for others, give to others, do for others, etc. BETTER if you step back and take some time for yourself to unwind, relax, and to take care of your needs.



So, you’re ready to make yourself a priority this summer and carve out a little (or a lot!) of solo time.  You might be wondering how the heck you’re going to pull that off, right?

Not to worry, I’ve got a few suggestions for you:

  • Set it aside in your calendar right now:  That’s right, I want you to pull out your calendar and go ahead and block off some time every week for yourself (this can be during lunch, while at work, too!).  If you don’t have any available time slots open in the foreseeable future, I want you to proceed my next tip.
  • Say ‘no’:  If your calendar is packed to the gills right now, you need to delegate a few things or just say ‘no.’  You are not Superwoman, and you should not behave as if you are. Say no! If you’ve managed to block off some solo time and something comes up between now and then...say ‘no.’  I get that it may feel uncomfortable to say ‘no,’ but I promise it’ll get easier with practice :).
  • Enlist a team:  You are not required to manage everything alone. Whether you’re overwhelmed at work or home, ask for others to pitch in.  Delegate! Give others the opportunity to contribute and show how much they care about you by taking some of the load off of you!
  • Quit trying to be a martyr: You are not more amazing if you are trying to do it all to the point of exhaustion.  If you get some of your self-worth from being the martyr, then it’s time to dig into that and learn why that’s the case so you can release the overachieving responsibility you’re laying on yourself.

Now that you’ve got a few tips for clearing space in your schedule to make yourself a priority this summer let’s move on to some ideas for summertime self-care!


Self-care at its core is taking care of yourself and your needs.  I look at this holistically to include the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  

Self-care can take many forms, and there’s no right or wrong way, but it’s more than just getting a pretty manicure and eating a salad.  It’s taking care of what you need on the inside to ensure you’re healthy and whole from the inside out.

With summer upon us, my go-to’s for summertime self-care include:


Enjoy time outside

Go for a walk, read a book while relaxing in a hammock, go for a drive through the country, pick berries, go for a hike...the options are limitless!

The point is to get away from your laptop, put down the phone, and get outside.


Because being outdoors energizes you and provides some healthy vitamin D and fresh air.  It’s great for helping to relieve stress!

Eat fresh fruits and veggies

When the heat kicks up outside, cooking over a hot stove isn’t exactly fun, so do your body a favor and indulge on fresh veggies and fruits while embracing the heat and leaving the stove and oven off!

While you don’t need solo time to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies, it’s definitely a great addition to an all-encompassing summer self-care plan!

The vitamins and nutrients will keep you full longer and your skin glowing!

Write in your Journal

For the inner side of self-care, dust off your journal, whip out your pen and get all the thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto your pages.  Explore your inner dialogue, fears, and doubts on a new level and let go of fears, doubts, and anything lingering under the surface that’s holding you back.

This will help you get unstuck and will strengthen your relationship with yourself!


Pamper yourself

While getting a manicure or enjoying a facial isn’t all there is to self-care, it’s certainly part of the process so you feel good and you take care of your skin!

But, you don’t have to spend a small fortune and an entire day at a local spa (although, if that’s your gift to yourself, rock on sister!).  You can also give yourself an at-home facial and manicure to enjoy the same benefits!


Solo time

As discussed already, and to serve as another friendly reminder, make sure to take time to just be on your own for a bit.  This is equivalent to you plugging your phone in to charge when you get home from work. You need to disconnect to reconnect.


The summer is a time to dial things back, tune into yourself, and recharge.  By all means, spend glorious amounts of time with friends and family to create beautiful memories, just don’t forget to factor yourself in there and carve out time just for you.

Make a priority to yourself this summer that you and your needs matter and you’re taking the time to lean into your desires.