Understanding Your Energetic Vibration


Energy is all around us.  

Energy flows through us, out of us, and around us every minute of every day.  Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

It’s what powers, via electricity, the necessities in our life.  It’s also what gives us the vigor to plow through our to-do list, sneak in a workout, and juggle the many things we face in a day.

But, our energy isn’t just fueling our ability to get things done, it’s also sending out a vibration which attracts, and repels, many other things in our lives.  Our energetic vibrations play a significant role in our enjoyment and success in life.

To put it bluntly, if we are operating from a doom-and-gloom mindset and see the world as an unfair, horrible place where we can’t get ahead, we attract more of the same: people, opportunities, and situations that continue to feed that reality.

Conversely, if we see the world around us as a place of potential, and believe in the good of others, we attract in opportunities that allow us to explore our potential and grow exponentially.

Our energetic vibration is unique to each of us, but it’s not set in stone.  We can manipulate our energy and vibration so we can use it to our advantage.



Have you ever met someone and instantly felt a good (or bad) vibe, even though you knew nothing about them?  Or, have you ever been at a party and someone walks in and the feeling in the room changes instantly? That’s energy.

In those situations, you are feeling the effects of the other person’s energetic vibration as you are brought into their energy field.

Just as we have a range of emotions, there is a range of energetic vibrations.  And, surprise, surprise - they’re connected.

Here’s a quick overview of how energetic vibrations and emotions go hand in hand:


As you move through your range of emotions, your energy vibrates at different frequencies.  Those on the lower end of the spectrum (apathy, anger, restlessness), vibrate more slowly than those on the higher end (optimism, compassion, joy, love).

The basic rule of the law of attraction is that like attracts like, so our vibrational energy attracts other things that vibrate at that same frequency.  In other words, if you are vibrating at the low end of the spectrum, you’re repelling higher vibration things (what you likely want more of in your life) and attracting more of the same (the things in life that you probably want to get away from or avoid).

Understanding where we vibrate and how we can change our vibration is key to improving our realities.

So you might be wondering, what impacts our vibration?

While many things may impact our energetic vibration, for this discussion, let’s focus what’s in our control:  our thoughts, moods, mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, and words.

Feeling on top of the world and like life couldn’t get any better?  Your energy is vibrating at the high end of the spectrum. Feeling annoyed at your boss, angry that you were late because of traffic, frustrated because you snagged your favorite sweater with your newly broken nail, and ready to just go home and crawl in bed because the day just can’t get any worse?  You guessed it...your energy is vibrating closer to the lower end of the spectrum.

As we move throughout our day we are constantly shifting between these different levels of energy and the energy we send out is reflective of that.


In case it’s not already evident, our energetic vibration is important because what we attract into our lives is a reflection of the energy we put out into the world.

If we live most of our day in an angry, not-my-fault, everything-sucks, nothing-ever-goes-my-way mentality, then we’ll continue to create a world around us that reinforces those thoughts and feelings.

But, if we uplevel our energy to something more growth-oriented, we’ll shift out of the lower end of the spectrum and begin to attract in more of what we actually want in our lives.

Notice that I don’t refer to any of the energy as ‘positive’ or ‘negative.’  That’s because all levels of energy have pros and cons. For example, anger can get us motivated to make changes that are needed (that we’re unable to do when we’re feeling depressed or apathetic).  So, at that moment, anger is a good thing.

On the flip side, being overly optimistic can seem like the utopia to aim for 100% of the time, but to stay in that space indefinitely leaves us aloof and out-of-touch with reality.

We need to move through all levels of the emotional and energetic scale because each emotion and vibration can help us in that moment, but the key is not to stay in the lower vibrational levels for too long.

So, you might be wondering how you can control where you land on the emotional and energetic scale, right?

Well, it’s as “simple” as paying attention to what we’re feeling, believing, saying to others, and most importantly, saying to ourselves, so that we can make intentional shifts when we notice our energy levels aren’t at the place for what we crave more of in our life.


We all have the power to change our energetic vibrations.  

The key to being in charge of our energetic field is to pay attention.  We have to get out of our heads and into our bodies, so we’re aware of what we’re feeling, telling ourselves, believing, and behaving.

We can’t change something that we’re not aware of, so we need to be acutely aware of what’s going on inside of our heads and bodies.

I like to think of it as connecting our head and our body because so many of us live primarily in our heads.  We get easily distracted by all of the random thoughts and beliefs our Inner Bully is telling us that prevent us from seeing and feeling who we truly are.

So, how do we get more in touch with ourselves, to raise our energetic vibrations?

  • Meditate - Meditation allows us to get closer to our intuition, inner guide, and inner wisdom.  Also, it will enable us to connect with our energy more intentionally. A 5-10 minute meditation is all we need each day to quiet our minds and hear/feel what’s going on inside of us.

  • Express Gratitude - One of the best and easiest ways to shift our energy is to notice everything we have to be grateful for, in any given moment.  Even when the world feels like it’s falling down around us, I promise, there is something that we can find to appreciate (even if it’s just the beautiful flowers blowing in the breeze outside the window).

  • Positive affirmations and visualizations - What we see in our minds and say in our hearts have the power to make us act in specific ways.  That’s the power behind positive affirmations and visualizations. When we say what we want in a positive manner and can see it in details in our mind, it raises our vibrations and puts us on the path to see the opportunities, and take risks.  But, here’s an important detail: it’s not enough to just say it and see it if we don’t honestly believe it’s possible.

  • Reiki - Just like we go to a massage therapist to work out the kinks, or an esthetician to work on our skin, we need to include a Reiki practitioner in our arsenal of self-care professionals.  These folks are trained to work with our energy and can give a fantastic insight into our vibrational state, clear energetic blocks, and get our energy levels more balanced.

A great way to get into the habit of these is it establish daily routines - morning or night (or both!).  I love to start my day with gratitude, positive affirmations, a short meditation, and journaling. I also aim to get in a Reiki session once a month to reset and balance my energy.


Our energy is a life force within us that is continually moving and reflecting our thoughts, beliefs, actions, words, etc.  We are not at the effect of our energy, but we will feel the impact of what we attract into our lives because of our energy.

Being aware of, and practicing different techniques to raise our energetic vibration will allow us to make small transformations that add up to a new release on life.

It all comes back to this:  if we don’t like what’s happening in our lives right now, then we have to change it.  But, to change it, we have to be aware of what’s not working, and in most cases, our energetic vibration is at the heart of the situation.