What Adventure Looks Like for Women Over 40


As I’ve research ‘adventure’ for midlife women, I seem only to be able to find tips, tricks, and advice on traveling.

Now, I love to travel, but I don’t think we’re limited to just that to be more adventurous!

As I talk to women, who are close to, or over 40, having a little more fun in life is one of their chief desires.

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It makes sense.  As an adult, we’ve taken on demanding jobs, managing families, etc. (just to name of few of the things that fill up your to-do list!).

Over the past 15+ years, you’ve likely dedicated most of your time and yourself to other people, or other things and your desires have been relegated to the back burner.

So, now that you’ve rounded the bases and sliding into, or through, your 40s, you’re getting sick and tired of it!  You want to have some fun! You want to feel the wind blow through your hair! You want to feel like a kid again!

What Adventure Looks like in Midlife

So, that begs the question:  what does adventure look like for women navigating their 40s?

To put it simply: Adventure looks however you like!

The definition of adventure (according to Google) is an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

That could mean any number of things!  

But, as with anything, you get to decide how that will play out for YOU.  Personally, I don’t do hazardous, so I don’t seek out risky, or dangerous, activities, and I feel perfectly adventurous without feeling like I’m risking life or limb.

For me, being adventurous is doing anything that thrills me or is something new that makes me a little nervous.  It could be getting out of my comfort zone, or just doing something I love so much it makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

Ideas for Being Adventurous in Midlife

So...are you wanting to flex your adventurous muscles but not sure where to start?

To take that first step, you have to figure out what adventure looks like for YOU.  Not your best friend, not your husband, not the badass-Instagrammer you follow religiously.  But...YOU.

I’d recommend starting with a few questions and a pen and paper.  Ask yourself the following questions and write down anything that comes to mind!  No judgment, no corrections, no stopping, no censoring.

  • What excites you?

  • What makes you feel like a kid?

  • What have you always wanted to try, but have been a little apprehensive to try?

  • What would make you feel younger, or more alive?

Brainstorming on these questions should generate a number of ideas.  My advice is to go as far as you can go with the brainstorming, set it aside, and revisit it in a few days and see if you have a few new ideas.

Then, it’s as “simple” as picking a few things on your list and giving them a try!

When you try something new, you may find you hate it, but, you may end up discovering a new hobby or passion!  Even if you don’t like it, that information will provide clues for your next adventure.

Adventures can come in the form of hobbies, events, classes, etc.  They can be planned or spontaneous. They can be done on your own, or with others.

What’s important here is that YOU get to decide what adventure looks like for your life, so there’s no reason that you can’t stretch your wings and feel the wind through your hair!

Final Thoughts

Finding more adventure, or fun, in your life is one of the keys to maximizing your experience of life and limiting future regrets.

As humans, we need this release to fuel all the mundane things of life and to keep our brains sharp.

So, whip out your pen and paper and get to work on mapping out your road to the new, adventurous you!