The Key to Redesigning Your Life: Let Go of the How

It’s frustrating to feel stuck in life.  

You’re ready for a change and crave something new, but you can’t quite figure out how to make that happen.

Maybe you feel your responsibilities won’t allow it, or you’re afraid to screw things up if you strike out on a new adventure.  

While those may play a part in keeping you stuck, you’re a go-getter, and not used to playing it safe and not taking action.

It’s confusing to deeply feel that something needs to change only to spin your wheels while everything stays the same.

Sound familiar?

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Stuck? No Options? Here's how to Start

Tired of dragging yourself through the same-old, same-old every day?

Guess’re not alone!  Part of traveling through life is that we need to reinvent ourselves over time to keep life interesting.  

Unfortunately, with the way most of us live our lives, once we get settled into our careers, have a family that depends on us, and pile on more and more responsibility, we get caught in a rut, and we start to feel stuck.

The life you envisioned for yourself years ago and that you carefully and methodically created for yourself doesn’t quite feel right anymore.

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Busy Summer? Don't Forget to Make Yourself a Priority, too!

When the temps rise, and the sun shines, everything seems to slow down just a bit.  It’s Mother Nature’s way to remind us to relax, get outside, and be in the moment.

As lovely as that sounds, it can be hard to do, right?  

To make matters worse, we tend to create lofty expectations about creating the “perfect” summer and not wasting a moment of the season!

While that’s’s also setting yourself up for burn-out and disappointments.  First of all, nothing is perfect! Secondly, if you map out exactly how the summer is supposed to play out, you are going to miss the beautiful opportunities that want to flow into your world, simply because it’s not on your agenda or bucket list.

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Don't Be Afraid of Adventure: Redefine It!

Let’s face it: many of us spend our days waiting for something to happen.  We either feel stuck in our life, or we’re on autopilot and just cruising along.  All the while, we’re waiting for something to change.

This isn't living, folks.  This is just existing.

Life should be more than just existing!  Yes, we have to adult on a daily basis, but we also have to take intentional time to have a little fun.  

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Why You Need Both Adventure & Inventure In Your Life

If I asked you if you knew yourself well, I’m betting you’d say ‘of course’ and then look at me like I have a second head. Right?

But, here’s a surprising fact: most people, don’t actually know themselves all that well (I don’t have stats to back that up, so it’s based on my experience with working and talking with people!).  

Most people think they know themselves well, but in reality, they only know what’s on the surface.

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6 Ways to Boost Your Resilience & Thrive in Life

The summer I was 23, I moved 1,000 miles away from home (to a place I’d never been, to an apartment I’d never seen, and with roommates I’d never met) to start my post-college grown-up job.

It was exciting, but also terrifying!

Less than two months after I arrived at my new home, it was a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon and I was just starting to feel settled in when I got a call that my dad had suffered a massive heart attack and died earlier that morning.

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Feeling Stuck? Why Getting Into It, Will Get You Out of It

I talk a lot around here about getting unstuck from a life that feels routine and unfulfilling.  It’s a topic that hits home for me, having felt this way in the past and always being in the process of reinventing myself.

But, I know it’s a state that many people can relate to because for many, by the time they get into the groove of life, they realize they’ve spent many years creating the wrong life, and they don’t know what to do about it.

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Find Your Purpose by Setting Goals for Your Passions

Setting goals…its a topic I love to talk about and one that people love to learn about.  There are countless articles, books, etc. about setting goals to get further in life, make more money, or to lose weight.

But what about the things in life that light us up?  For some, that’s one in the same with what they get paid to do, but for others (i.e. most of us), we put our hobbies and passions on the back burner because we’re so busy with our jobs, families, or other adult responsibilities.  We relegate these to ‘someday’.

But, our passions are the things we need to make time for in our lives.  In fact, I don’t see why we shouldn’t also be making goals for those passions!

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PURPOSE: What to do When Your Career Isn't Enough

In America, our careers define us.  

Whether we’re making small talk at a party or on a first date, one of the first questions asked is ‘so, what do you do?’.  

What we do is part of our identity, but, unfortunately, for so many people, what they do for a living is not in alignment with their gifts, desires, and interests.

It’s not easy to find a job or land a career that meets that criteria because most of us haven’t spent the time to understand what we need in order to have a fulfilling job.

Also, for many people, they see work as just a means to an end: a paycheck, and if they’re lucky, good benefits.

Some people were lucky and embarked on a career they find rewarding. But, for many of us, we’re not so lucky.

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