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Sephora's Formula X Polish: The BEST Nail Polish EVER!

Hey folks!  I have been looking forward to sharing this amazing find for WEEKS!!  Today, I’m going to introduce you to the THE best nail polish system I’ve EVER found (and yes, this stuff seriously deserves the all-caps!).  Sephora’s Fromula X Polish, Base Coat, and Top Coat are something I stumbled upon late in the summer and I am totally hooked and have basically skipped the salon manicures in favor of home manicures ever since (and my polish lasts SO much longer!).

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My Favorite Primers

Do you use primers?  I'm a HUGE fan of primers!  They prep your skin for your makeup by smoothing it and giving it a little 'grip' so your makeup stays put longer throughout the day.  The most common primer people use is a general face primer and if that's all you use, there's definitely nothing wrong with that! 

I use three different types of primers - one for my face, one for my eyelids, and one for under the eye (if I add one more to the mix, it might be time for an intervention!).  These are my current picks and the ones I adore.

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Jouer Matte Moisture Tint Foundation | Review

When it comes to foundation/tinted moisturizer/BB creams/etc., I'm not overly hard to please.  I'm fortunate in that my skin is in pretty good condition, so I just need a light coverage to even things out.  With that said, it can sometimes be a little tough to find that sweet spot between coverage that is too heavy and too sheer.  Add in that you want it to last throughout the day and it can be a challenge to find the 'perfect' foundation!  I recently found one that has been perfection for me (thank you Birchbox!)

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