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3 Awesome Personal Growth Books

I’ve always been a big reader…I have ALWAYS had a book that I was engrossed in and would lose myself in it’s pages daily.

Until the last year or so, it was strictly fiction books (historical fiction was my personal fave!) that I reached for when I wanted to engross myself in a story.  

Now…I tend to reach for the personal growth and self development genre.  While not quite as engrossing as a can’t-put-it-down fiction story, I do love a book that makes me think, has me looking at things through a different lens, and ultimately allows me to grow and expand the person I am.

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Christmas Gifts for...You!

Alright, sassy lady…it’s the holidays and you’ve been a busy girl grabbing up amazing gifts for all of your lovely family and friends!  Way to go!  But, no matter how many times you have checked your list twice, I’m betting a lot of you left someone off your Christmas list...

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Loving, Accepting, and Pampering YOU {Fave Pins}

While self-love and acceptance will be an ongoing topic here at Random Little Faves, I’m paying extra attention to it this month since February is the month of love.  While celebrating those you love this month, don’t forget to turn the attention around to yourself and get in on the action!  To help you out with a few ideas, I have compiled my favorite pins for loving, accepting, and pampering yourself to share with you.

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