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Why Your Inner Critics Block Your Adventures

When was the last time you threw caution to the wind, stood up to your fears, and did something a little risky?

If it’s been a while and you’re dying for a little adventure, then it’s time to start examining the reasons why you’ve been staying on the sidelines of your life!

While there could be a number of reasons, I’m betting the primary factor underlying all of those reasons is one you may not have considered:  your Inner Critic.

Your Inner Critic(s) is that little voice inside you that tells you not to take that chance and to play it safe.  It’s the reason you’re a tad averse to taking any risk in your life!

You may not be aware this is even happening within yourself, but everyone walking on this planet has to battle these Inner Critics daily.

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Why You Need Solo Adventures’s the #1 thing women tell me they are craving more of in their lives. Yet, they’re doing nothing to make it happen.

By the time we hit a certain age, most people start to feel like they’re in a rut and want to feel a bit more excitement.  The daily to-do’s and responsibilities become mundane.  

Life becomes a routine.

The thrill of adventure is something most people desire, but few put into practice.

Fear, time, lack of creativity, and money are just a few of the excuses I hear that get in the way of adding more adventure to life.

But, the thirst for something new and exciting persists.  

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Why You Need to Prioritize Adventure in Midlife

Women in midlife (i.e., those near and over 40!) tell me they’re bored and need more excitement in their lives.  They want to have more fun and feel like they used to before getting tied down with responsibilities, parenting, jobs, etc.

Hear hear!!

As we enter our 40s, most of us are starting to emerge from underneath the weight of starting a career and raising a family.  We have a little more space in our hearts, and we start to crave “more.”

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Don't Be Afraid of Adventure: Redefine It!

Let’s face it: many of us spend our days waiting for something to happen.  We either feel stuck in our life, or we’re on autopilot and just cruising along.  All the while, we’re waiting for something to change.

This isn't living, folks.  This is just existing.

Life should be more than just existing!  Yes, we have to adult on a daily basis, but we also have to take intentional time to have a little fun.  

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Why You Need Both Adventure & Inventure In Your Life

If I asked you if you knew yourself well, I’m betting you’d say ‘of course’ and then look at me like I have a second head. Right?

But, here’s a surprising fact: most people, don’t actually know themselves all that well (I don’t have stats to back that up, so it’s based on my experience with working and talking with people!).  

Most people think they know themselves well, but in reality, they only know what’s on the surface.

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Why You Need More Adventure in Your Life (and how to get it!)

Most people are on auto-pilot.

Most people do the same things every day, every weekend, every month, and every season. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day.   

As I’ve been talking to women in my 100 Coffee Chats project, I keep hearing how they want more adventure in their life.

They’re bored. They feel life used to be more exciting and now it’s the same thing every day.

They have nothing to look forward to and each day is a repeat of the day before. But, they crave it that extra spice in life (one woman said she needed muy caliente in her life).

Just because you get older and take on more responsibilities does not mean that you have to give up on having adventures in your life.

No, you may not be able to do it quite as spontaneously as you did in the past, and your adventures at 40-something may look entirely different than at 20-something.  In spite of these differences, it’s still within your ability to make more adventure happen.

Breaking out of the norm and inviting a little adventure into your life is what living is all about!

If you’re doing the exact same thing every single day, is that really living?

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