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The Magic of Summer Camp

We laughed together, cried together, embraced each other daily, and shared pieces of ourselves that we didn’t even know we had.  Women from all over the US and Canada came together for 5 days not knowing what to expect and, in most cases, not knowing anyone else before arriving.  After 5 days of magic in the woods, we left as changed women…stronger and with a tribe of sisters.

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Think You Can't Do Something? Think Again...

Self creeps in when we don’t expect it and don’t need it hanging around.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  We all hear it from time to time...’you can’t do that’ or something of that variety pops in our mind when we get a little scared or nervous about something new.

For a lot of folks, that’s enough to make them stop right in their tracks because they believe it, which is such a shame!!  Think of all the amazing opportunities they have likely missed out on because they didn’t tell that little voice to shut it!

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Getting Clear on What Self-Love Isn't

In the past few years, it's not uncommon to  see someone or something telling you to love yourself more every where you look.  Self-love is a hot topic these days and I love reading all about it and inspiring others to embrace yourself, accept yourself, and love yourself.

But, I’ve also seen implications that self-love is the answer to all your problems.  That concerns me a bit because it’s giving false hope that a perfect, problem free life is possible if you just love yourself enough.  This in turn might lead to frustration and anger when you think you’re loving yourself but your life is not perfect or problem free.

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Why I Made the Switch to Squarespace

For most of this year, I’ve known that I wanted to do more with my site, get into offering courses and other fun things, and really start to focus on growing this into something bigger and better.  I knew I probably needed to overhaul my site beyond the smaller rebrand I did back in February, but I didn’t even want to think about it!  

I was a self-hosted Wordpress user for a couple of years and didn’t really know there were other options out there.  So, the idea of overhauling my site translated to having to code up a lot of stuff.  I didn’t want to think about that since I only know rudimentary HTML and I really didn’t want to have to hire someone to create a new site for me.  

But, I found a better solution…make the switch to Squarespace!

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July Faves & August Plans

It’s that time again, folks!  The first part of the month around here means checking in on how we’re doing on our monthly goals and setting some new ones for the month ahead.

Normally I share this on the first Monday of a new month, but since we’ve been getting to know things around here this week, we’re a couple of days behind schedule.  But!  That doesn’t change the outcome or take a way from what’s coming for August.

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Let's Talk about the Moxie Tribes!

As Heart & Moxie starts to spread her fledgling wings this week, I wanted to wrap up the kickoff posts with an introduction to my new TRIBES!

Yesterday, I mentioned that I have spent the past year really throwing myself into this whole blogging thing.  Part of my process was to get to know other bloggers and to network.  Yes, that can help grow your blog, but for me, that ended up being the side benefit.  

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The Story of How Heart & Moxie Came to Life

If you missed yesterday’s announcement, then have no fear, you’re not in the wrong place!  As of yesterday, Random Little Faves became Heart & Moxie (woohoo!).  

Yesterday, I walked you through the various cool features and how to navigate around the site (and be sure to pop in and enter the giveaway on yesterday’s post for some fun prizes!).  

Today, I wanted to give you a little background as to why I decided to change the name and give my site a complete overhaul. So many people when they start blogging don't realize that it can take a while to not only find your voice, but find your people.

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