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Taking the BS out of Time Management

We think of time management as the simple act of managing our time better.  Most of us believe we need help in this area because we just can't seem to get everything done. Our to-do list is overflowing, our commitments are overlapping, and we can’t even remember the last time we didn’t feel behind.

We believe if we could learn the right way to manage our time, we’d magically knock off everything on our to-do list, enjoy time with friends and family, have a beautiful organized home, and sport perfectly coifed hair and manicured nails all at the same time.  Am I right?!

In other words, we believe the secret to having it all is getting a better handle on our schedules and controlling the clock better.

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Lessons from Taking a Break

I’m baaacccckkk!  It’s been a little over a month since I last posted and shared with you that I desperately needed a break.  

My plan was to take July off and let my brain relax. I had spent the past 7-8 months working non-stop with my full time job, coaching school, and taking on some amazing comp clients to start gaining experience as a coach (not to mention also trying to maintain this blog and run my Moxie Girls tribe!).

Up until now, every night was filled with calls, class, or appointments.  Weekends also usually had a few calls and if I wasn’t doing that, I was catching up on website/blog work.  Basically, I haven’t had a break in months.   

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