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Book Report | December 2014

In need of a good book to sink your teeth into now that the weather is turning {even} colder?  While I'm always a heavy reader and can routinely be found with my nose stuck in a book (or, rather, my Nook!), once the temperature drops there's almost nothing that sounds more cozy that wrapping up in a blanket, with a warm cup of something, and a good book to lose myself in for hours!

This past month was a good one, book wise, and I've been looking forward to sharing these with you, friends! 

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Single? Here's how to Enjoy the Holidays Solo!

It's the Holidays!  Time for swapping gifts, sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire, and feeling endlessly and blissfully happy, right!?  All those twinkling lights, happy songs, and festive social gatherings makes it the perfect time of year to share with a loved one.  But...what if you're navigating this season on your own?  Have no fear, fierce girlfriend, you can still rock it and have an awesome time!!  Read on to find out a few tips for how to enjoy the holidays solo!

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