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7 Common Fears Keeping You Stuck on the Sidelines of Your Life

Fear is incredibly powerful as a motivator, and it’s something that everyone experiences.  But, the degree to which each person feels fear, and more importantly, allows their fears to dictate their actions, varies per individual.

For a large portion of society, fear serves to keep them sidelined, as they stand frozen in the face of their fears.

While other people appear to be fearless, never exhibiting signs of fear and seemingly made of steel.

But, no one is without fear.  Those ‘fearless’ individuals experience fear just like everyone else, but what sets them apart is that they don’t allow those fears to keep them from moving forward.

They feel the fear, and they blaze through them.

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How FEAR Keeps You Stuck in the Midlife Muck

Fear is one of the most powerful motivators that plays a significant factor in how we show up in our lives every single day.

It’s not only powerful within ourselves, but it’s one of the most widely used tactics in our society to manipulate our beliefs and behaviors (think marketers & politicians!).

Our underlying fears have the power to influence our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions.  It impacts what we say (or don’t say), the goals we set for ourselves, our ability to stretch ourselves and our willingness to step beyond the outer edges of our comfort zone.

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Doing it Scared: The Secret to a Fulfilling Life

Guess what?  Everyone is afraid of something!

Even the most confident of folks out there battle their internal fears.  Most people, give into those fears and let them decide their actions for them.  But, for those that appear to be fearless, they aren’t:  they just feel the fear and do it scared.

Fear can come from many sources, but when it comes to going for what you want in life, the most common cause of fear is the unknown.  If you don’t know what’s going to happen or you’re entering into unchartered territories, it’s going to feel scary.

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Facing Fears and Kicking Booty

If you were guaranteed success, what dream would you chase?

Would it be to…

  • Quit your soul-sucking job and change directions to a new career that would finally light you up?

  • Write the book that’s been writing itself in your mind for what feels like forever?

  • Put yourself back out there and finally search for the love you crave?

  • Go on that trip you’ve been Pinning for years and enjoy a much-deserved break?

Everyone has dreams.  

Some dreams are big, some are small, and others are somewhere in the middle.  Some dreams feel achievable and others feel so far out of reach, they might as well be stars in the night-sky.

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It’s Just a Story! Time to Rewrite Those Fear Stories

Recently, I saw a quote on Facebook that went something like this:  “The fears we don’t face become our limits.”

I love that, and it’s SO true!  

Faced with anything scary, we create a story in our head about how it will impact us and that defines our actions.

These “fear stories” are our go-to defense against anything that makes us step outside of our comfort zone.  They’re powerful and prevent us from going for what we want and growing beyond our safety zone.

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