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How to Take the First Step

How many first steps have you skipped in your life?

How many times have you been on the brink of making some changes in your life, trying something new, or embarking on a big dream, only to hesitate, doubt yourself, and ultimately stay standing in the same spot and not taking that step?  (or worse, taking a step backwards instead of forwards?)

It’s something we can all relate to because we’ve all done it!

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The Power of an Accountability Partner

How familiar does this sound?  You set your goals, you’re excited to make them happen, a few weeks pass, and, disappointedly, you see that, yet again, you let life get in your way (or a few Netflix binges…no judgment from me!).  

You’ve done nothing on your goals.

It’s a typical situation for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be!

A really easy way to help you stay on top of your objectives is to get yourself an Accountability Partner!

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Staying Inspired with a Vision Poster

If you’ve been a long time reader around here, you know I love anything that promotes self-love & compassion and following your dreams.  I’m all about vision boards, goal setting, positive affirmations, and anything else that will reinforce my dreams and my will to get there.

One of my blogging friends, Ronja of So This is What, recently shared one of the coolest things I’ve seen in quite some time that falls right into this bucket of goodness…a Vision Poster!

The Vision Poster is a beautiful piece of art that uses YOUR words to create a record of what makes you do what you do and captures your dreams for the life you want. 

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How Bad Do You Want It?

Everybody has a dream.  I don’t think it’s possible to go through life without dreaming of how we want to live our life or what we want in our life.  

Some people go after those dreams and make them happen, or they find variations of what they thought they wanted and tweak the plan along the way!

Some people think they’re going after their dreams, but they’re not really putting in the work to get there.

Some people never do a thing to make their dreams happen and spend their life wishing for change, but thinking it’s not possible.  

Making your goals and dreams happen is HARD.  It takes focused work, sacrifice, and dedication.

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42 Journal Prompts on all things Love

If you are a regular around here, you know I love to journal.  In the past, I’ve shared other journaling prompts and they’ve proven to be rather popular posts, so it seems like you guys love to journal too!

In you case you haven’t noticed all the hearts and roses everywhere, we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day next weekend.  Since that means love is on the mind (mainly because it’s everywhere we turn this month!), let’s pay homage to the sentiment, whip out our journals, and dig in with some self-reflection.

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Being Present: Creating a Memory

How often are you truly present in any given moment?  You’re not thinking about what happened yesterday or last week.  You mind isn’t two steps ahead planning out what you’ll do when you get home, or next week after you get paid. It’s right now, in this moment.

How often does that happen?

I’m guessing for most of us, it doesn’t happen all that often.  In fact, I’m betting it happens a lot less frequently than you’re willing to admit.

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January 2016 Faves & February 2016 Goals

It’s that time again, folks!  The first part of the month around here that means checking in on how we’re doing on our monthly goals and setting some new ones for the month ahead.

You might be asking why I share these every month for all the world to see?  For starters it helps to keep me accountable!  But, for some reason, you guys seem to like taking a peek at what’s going on in my world, so I’m happy to oblige :).

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