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Don’t Fear Your 40s: Why this is the decade you’ll love

Most people under the age of 30 see 40+ as ‘old.’  

Despite the fact that everyone, if they’re lucky, gets old (because let’s be honest, it certainly beats the alternative!), it’s something modern society tells us we should fear because getting older is akin to becoming irrelevant (which is so NOT true!).  

The years leading up to the big 4-0 can be quite the mental rollercoaster.  It’s a mix of trying to accept it but resisting it and fighting it with every turn.

But, let me speak from personal experience here:  40 isn’t what it used to be!

No longer does being in your 40s automatically make you dumpy, frumpy, and behind-the-times.

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Find Yourself to Find Your Purpose

Fact…most people are living a life of other people’s expectations, and they don’t even realize it. 

Do you ever feel like there must be more to life?  You get up each day and, like Groundhog Day, you go through the same motions, the same steps, the same obstacles as the previous day (and the last week and the last month!).  

Do you live for the weekends because that’s when you can be the ‘real’ you?  

Do you feel like you wear a mask more days than not, just to fit in with the world around you?

If any of this sounds familiar, you might be living a life of someone else’s expectations instead of your own!

Scary, right?

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7 Ways to Love Yourself (Flaws and All!)

You’re not perfect.  

I’m not trying to be mean, so please don’t take any offense!  Just stating something that I bet you already know.  In fact, I’d wager you could bend my ear on how you’re not perfect for the better part of an hour (or more!).

But, here’s the thing - if you and I were chatting over cups of coffee in a cozy little cafe, and you went on and on about your flaws, I doubt I’d notice any of them.  I’d sit there and wonder how you could possibly see yourself in that light since none of what you were describing was apparent to me, or anyone else.

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Be 100% You {it's so much better!}

Remember being a teenager when everyone was desperately trying to be ‘normal’?  Everybody wore the same brands, the same hairstyles, the same shoes, etc. etc. etc.

We wanted to fit in and feel like everyone else.  We also didn’t want to make ourselves a target for ridicule by standing out!  

As we move into adulthood, we sometimes drop a little of that and begin to step into our own individuality, but not by a lot.  We still strive to hide our quirks so we blend in with everyone else.

We want to be ‘normal’.

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