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Your 2016 Goals {Part 2}: Setting New Goals

It’s June…the middle of the year and I’m on a mission to help you either get back on track with your 2016 goals or to set some new ones!  

Half of the year may be in the books (almost), but that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel on setting some objectives!  On the contrary, there is still plenty of time to set some goals, create some action steps and finally make some progress of getting what you want.  

Are you ready?!

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Your 2016 Goals {Part 1}: Revisiting Your Goals for the Year

Earlier this month we flipped our calendars to June….JUNE.  In the blink of an eye and a snap of the fingers we have somehow leapfrogged from the beginning of the year to the middle!

As we slide into the second half of 2016, how are your goals for this year going? Are you on track?  Perhaps you’re already knocked a few off the list?  Or, have you gotten a little sidetracked by life and let them sit on the shelf collecting dust?

Regardless of where we are with regards to our goals for the year, everyone can benefit from hitting pause midway through the year and taking a closer look at where they are and where they’re wanting to go.

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8 Reasons Why You're Not Achieving Your Goals

It's time to get real, people!  Do you have goals that are just sitting around going nowhere?

I bet you do!  We all do!

As I coach people, I constantly run across goals that are lingering in my clients’ lives that are going nowhere.  Sometimes they’re frustrated, but sometimes, they’ve resigned themselves to the idea that they’ll never achieve these lofty dreams!

To that, I say…CODSWALLOP!

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How to Take the First Step

How many first steps have you skipped in your life?

How many times have you been on the brink of making some changes in your life, trying something new, or embarking on a big dream, only to hesitate, doubt yourself, and ultimately stay standing in the same spot and not taking that step?  (or worse, taking a step backwards instead of forwards?)

It’s something we can all relate to because we’ve all done it!

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The Power of an Accountability Partner

How familiar does this sound?  You set your goals, you’re excited to make them happen, a few weeks pass, and, disappointedly, you see that, yet again, you let life get in your way (or a few Netflix binges…no judgment from me!).  

You’ve done nothing on your goals.

It’s a typical situation for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be!

A really easy way to help you stay on top of your objectives is to get yourself an Accountability Partner!

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How Bad Do You Want It?

Everybody has a dream.  I don’t think it’s possible to go through life without dreaming of how we want to live our life or what we want in our life.  

Some people go after those dreams and make them happen, or they find variations of what they thought they wanted and tweak the plan along the way!

Some people think they’re going after their dreams, but they’re not really putting in the work to get there.

Some people never do a thing to make their dreams happen and spend their life wishing for change, but thinking it’s not possible.  

Making your goals and dreams happen is HARD.  It takes focused work, sacrifice, and dedication.

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How I Stick to my Goals with Lara Casey's Powersheets

One of the things I love to talk about around here is goals and setting goals.  I’m a BIG goal setter and a huge believer in the power of making things happen by declaring what you want to happen and planning the steps to get there.

One of the biggest challenges in goal setting is sticking with it after you put in the time to come up with your goals.  

A lot of folks struggle with how to track their goals, remember their goals, and see progress along the way.  While there are many ways of tracking goals and ultimately it’s a personal choice, my favorite way to keep myself on track is with Lara Casey’s Powersheets.

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How to Set Goals that you WILL Achieve

It’s January, which means people around the world are trying to get themselves organized and making some goals.  Woohoo!  If that’s you, let me ask you a question - how are you at finishing those goals? If you’re like most people, I’m betting the answer isn’t positive.  But, no need to throw in the towel, I’m here to help you learn how to set goals you WILL achieve!

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Making New Years Goals, NOT Resolutions!

It's 2015!  Can you believe it!?!  Here we are starting another year....a fresh opportunity to define our path and make positive changes in our lives!  Are you a resolution maker?  Do you have your resolutions mapped out for the year?  I know some folks don't bother, but I do think it can help you chart your course for the year and ensure you have the best one yet!  Want to hear mine for a little inspiration?

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