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Get the Life YOU Want: It’s Time to Start Chasing your Dreams!

Are you a dream chaser or a dream postponer? If you are a dream postponer, you’re likely putting off your happiness and waiting for ‘someday’.  But, girlfriend, today is yesterday’s ‘someday’, so its time to ditch that mindset and start shaking things up to get the life you want!  Best start chasing your dreams because no one is going to come along and hand your life to you.  It’s up to you, baby!

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Why Fear is a Good Thing!

Are you someone that looks 'fear' in the eye and charges right past, or do you tend to give into your fears and hold back?  If you're the former, go you! If you're the latter, then I would like to sit down and have a little chat with you,  ok?  You probably think 'fear' is bad, but it's not!  Today, I'm telling you exactly why fear is a good thing and how you can better respond to it to start chasing your dreams!

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May Faves & June Plans

It’s the 1st of the month and that means checking in on last month’s goals (to see how I did) and getting ready for June with some new objectives!  To keep myself accountable and because you guys seem to like taking a peek at what’s on my plate, I share those goals and how I did…every single month!  Just in case you're curious how I did with my goals for May...keep on reading (spoiler alert…check, check, and check!)!

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