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Redefining Success to Achieve Success


We all know what success is, right?  It’s that elusive goal that we start working towards as a child and continue to chase as an adult. In school we tried to succeed by getting good grades thinking that would get us into a good college.  Once in college we tried to succeed some more by doing well, connecting with the right people, getting the right experience, and landing a great job upon graduation.

Post college, we likely started on the path of success by working hard, trying to climb the ladder at work, finding the right partner to marry, settle down, have 2.5 kids, and find the perfect house with the most adorable white picket fence ever imagined.

Sound vaguely familiar?

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Your 2016 Goals {Part 2}: Setting New Goals

It’s June…the middle of the year and I’m on a mission to help you either get back on track with your 2016 goals or to set some new ones!  

Half of the year may be in the books (almost), but that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel on setting some objectives!  On the contrary, there is still plenty of time to set some goals, create some action steps and finally make some progress of getting what you want.  

Are you ready?!

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Your 2016 Goals {Part 1}: Revisiting Your Goals for the Year

Earlier this month we flipped our calendars to June….JUNE.  In the blink of an eye and a snap of the fingers we have somehow leapfrogged from the beginning of the year to the middle!

As we slide into the second half of 2016, how are your goals for this year going? Are you on track?  Perhaps you’re already knocked a few off the list?  Or, have you gotten a little sidetracked by life and let them sit on the shelf collecting dust?

Regardless of where we are with regards to our goals for the year, everyone can benefit from hitting pause midway through the year and taking a closer look at where they are and where they’re wanting to go.

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May 2016 Faves & June 2016 Plans

t’s that time again, folks!  The first part of the month around here that means checking in on how we’re doing on our monthly goals and setting some new ones for the month ahead.

You might be asking why I share these every month for all the world to see?  For starters it helps to keep me accountable!  But, for some reason, you guys seem to like taking a peek at what’s going on in my world, so I’m happy to oblige :).

Ahhh....June.  Summer time is officially here!  Long, light filled evenings, BBQs, ice cream, and all the good things in life tend to overlap and take over.  Finally!!!

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