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Use Your Inner Bully to Your Advantage

Nobody likes bullies.  They’re mean, they taunt, and they torture.  

Yet, every single one of us is a bully.

Yes, even YOU.

“Who are you to think you can make that promotion?”

“What makes you so special?  If you get up there and make that speech, everyone will laugh at you.”

“You are NEVER going to get all of this done!  You just don’t have it in you.”

Recognize any of that?  

You might not be bullying other people, but the vast majority of us are bullies to ourselves.

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The 3 Behaviors Making us Hate Ourselves

We live in a world where Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and every other social media app dictate how we should live our lives.  We absently scroll through our feeds without much thought, yet we take in all those images and silently start to judge ourselves.

“How is her life so perfect when I can barely comb my hair some mornings?”

“She’s so lucky, her husband bought her a gift for no reason and clearly adores her.  Mine can’t even be bothered to ask me how my day was…”

“At any given moment, I feel like I’m going to lose my sh*t, yet she’s skipping through the park with ice cream wearing WHITE pants looking perfect.  My life is so unfair.”

Sound familiar?

We spend WAY too much time comparing our lives with that of others (it's so easy with everyone living in glass houses because of social media) and inevitably we come up short.

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How Women Experience a Midlife Crisis (it’s different than men!)

Midlife Crisis...  

Most of us think of a midlife crisis as the old guy ditching his wife for someone half his age while zipping around town in his shiny new convertible.  

Men get to own the midlife crisis experience.  Women are never included in this conversation because, apparently, it’s assumed we don’t lose our shit when we approach 40.


Like men, women will experience a midlife crisis at some point in their lives.

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