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Doing it Scared: The Secret to a Fulfilling Life

Guess what?  Everyone is afraid of something!

Even the most confident of folks out there battle their internal fears.  Most people, give into those fears and let them decide their actions for them.  But, for those that appear to be fearless, they aren’t:  they just feel the fear and do it scared.

Fear can come from many sources, but when it comes to going for what you want in life, the most common cause of fear is the unknown.  If you don’t know what’s going to happen or you’re entering into unchartered territories, it’s going to feel scary.

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11 Promises to Make to Love Yourself More

Here's the were never taught to love yourself.

Small children naturally love others.  You were likely taught how to treat and not treat others, especially those you love.  You were probably also taught to accept other people’s differences and not bully them or belittle them.

But, I'm betting no one ever took the time to teach you how to use those same principles to love yourself.

So, as an adult, you likely beat yourself up over minor things and magnify your imperfections.  The impact of this type of hypercritical scrutiny is self-sabotage and constant internal friction (i.e. stress).

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Life After Divorce: How to Trust Again

Divorce sucks.

No matter which side of the table you’re sitting on, getting over a divorce is not exactly a day at the beach.  But, with time, the crappy stuff starts to subside and the gold nuggets begin to emerge.

Navigating divorce is very much like peeling an onion: there are a lot of layers that have to come off to get to the good stuff (ok, so the center of an onion isn't any different than the exterior layers, but just go with here, okay?).  As the outer layers slough off, the inevitable tears make it harder to see what's happening.  But, you eventually get there, the tears subside, and things start to look (and smell!) a lot better.

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Benefits of Unconditionally Accepting Yourself

Close your eyes and think about yourself for just a moment…head to toe, inside and out.

Do you accept yourself 100% as you are right now?

Or, do you feel you’d accept and love yourself more if you could justttt….lose those last 5 pounds, say ‘no’ more often, be a better wife/mom/daughter/friend/boss/employee/etc.?

It's typical for women to be hard on themselves and be their own worst critic.  But, the result of that overly harsh inner monologue is that those thoughts impact your sense of self-worth.

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