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Why You Need Solo Adventures’s the #1 thing women tell me they are craving more of in their lives. Yet, they’re doing nothing to make it happen.

By the time we hit a certain age, most people start to feel like they’re in a rut and want to feel a bit more excitement.  The daily to-do’s and responsibilities become mundane.  

Life becomes a routine.

The thrill of adventure is something most people desire, but few put into practice.

Fear, time, lack of creativity, and money are just a few of the excuses I hear that get in the way of adding more adventure to life.

But, the thirst for something new and exciting persists.  

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Why You Need to Prioritize Adventure in Midlife

Women in midlife (i.e., those near and over 40!) tell me they’re bored and need more excitement in their lives.  They want to have more fun and feel like they used to before getting tied down with responsibilities, parenting, jobs, etc.

Hear hear!!

As we enter our 40s, most of us are starting to emerge from underneath the weight of starting a career and raising a family.  We have a little more space in our hearts, and we start to crave “more.”

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