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Create a Support Team for Your Midlife Awakening, Part 2

You’re changing.

While this is exciting, it’s also scary. Peeling back layers of your life (and yourself!) that don’t fit anymore is freeing, but leaving behind what’s familiar and comfortable is scary.

You have lived a good life up until now, and you’re grateful for it, but you crave more.

More adventure, more connection, more purpose…

You may not know exactly what that will look like yet, but there’s something inside you that is propelling you towards finding it.

Along the way, having a group of personal cheerleaders on your side can help you when things get tough.

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Create a Support Team for Your Midlife Awakening, Part 1

You feel a little lost, a little frustrated, and scared. You’ve been living a good life, but recently, something feels off.

It’s uncomfortable.

The life you know so well doesn’t quite fit you anymore, and you don’t know what to do about it.

You feel alone because surely, no else is experiencing these thoughts and feelings. You see how perfect life is for all of your friends and colleagues, so you can’t help but wonder why you don’t feel the same.

On the heels of the confusion and frustration, comes guilt. You have what most people spend their lives wishing for, so to feel it’s not enough, makes you feel ungrateful.

But, when you’re alone with your thoughts, and you allow yourself to go deep, you also feel a teensy bit excited because you feel like you’re starting to come alive in a way that you don’t fully understand, yet.

When you are transitioning through your Midlife Awakening, it’s exciting but also scary.

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Tools to Get Through Your Midlife Awakening

Simply put, a Midlife Awakening is the phase where women transition through the midlife years.  It’s a time of tuning into yourself, discovering who you are, and stepping into your power.  It happens for all women and, typically, it starts in the late 30s (but since everyone is different, it can hit a little earlier or later).  

I’ve talked about it before, but basically, it’s when you start to feel unsettled in your life, and new questions start taking root in your mind.

Newsflash, women aren’t like men.  While men go through a midlife crisis, women go through their own midlife transition.  But, women aren’t in crisis mode, and as I’ve talked to women in this phase of life, they really don’t resonate with the word ‘crisis’!

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What a Midlife Awakening Feels Like

If you google ‘midlife crisis,' you’ll think men are the only ones that experience this rite of passage.


Women go through a midlife crisis phase, too.  Why? Because, to some degree, everyone experiences this as part of the aging process.

But, if you read through all the articles and books that focus on anything related to midlife crises, you’ll walk away with a very different picture of what this experience is like for women.

Spoiler alert...women are not like men.  Our experience of nearly everything, including a midlife crisis, is different.

I prefer to think of this phase of life as a Midlife Awakening.

Since there’s not a lot of resources out there for women who may be in the midst of this confusing time of life, I wanted to write about my experience with my Midlife Awakening.

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