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Mobile Photography 101 {Part 3}: Mobile Apps

When it comes to using your cell phone to snap pictures, do you snap and go, or do you like to take a few extra steps to get it picture perfect? There are definitely two camps on this topic...some folks swear by untouched photos and others swear by giving their pics a little extra help.  I fall into the latter camp, so today, as we continue with my mobile photography series, I'm sharing a bunch of my favorite apps for sprucing up your images and taking your mobile photography from ho-hum to beyond awesome!

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Mobile Photography 101 {Part 1}: Mobile Lenses

These days everyone is living life through the lens of the phone.  Nobody takes the time to actually enjoy the moment because they're too busy trying to record it!  I'm not here to argue whether that's a good idea or not (I'd lean towards the 'not’ side of that discussion, but hey, let's table that for another day!), but one thing's for sure...taking photos with your phone is here to stay!  

Over the course of this month, I’m going to do a 4 part series talking all about mobile photography.  From lenses, to accessories, to mobile apps, and even some tips & tricks!  Today, we kick things off with an introduction to mobile lenses.

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