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Avoid the Shiny Objects! Why Internal Motivators are better measures of Success

We live in an Instagram inspired world where on a daily basis we lay witness to all the pretty things everyone else around us owns.

We also see the trips others jet off to on a regular frequency, and the new cars they acquire.

We see these folks as “having it all” and wonder why we can’t seem to achieve what they’ve accomplished.

What we don’t see is the staggering amount of debt they try to avoid each month or the tears they shed as they try to fall asleep after yet another gut-wrenching fight with their spouse.

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Redefining Success to Achieve Success


We all know what success is, right?  It’s that elusive goal that we start working towards as a child and continue to chase as an adult. In school we tried to succeed by getting good grades thinking that would get us into a good college.  Once in college we tried to succeed some more by doing well, connecting with the right people, getting the right experience, and landing a great job upon graduation.

Post college, we likely started on the path of success by working hard, trying to climb the ladder at work, finding the right partner to marry, settle down, have 2.5 kids, and find the perfect house with the most adorable white picket fence ever imagined.

Sound vaguely familiar?

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