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What are Core Values & How to Find Yours

Did you know there are core principles or values that lie at the heart of who you are?  Some of us are keenly aware of these, whereas other (and I'd guess most of us) don't have a clue as to what are our true core values.

Getting clear on your core values will allow you to live more in line with who you are, which will allow you to make better decisions for your life.



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A Day for Counting Your Blessings

For those of us in the US, today is Thanksgiving Day.  It's a day of rest (unless you're the one slaving away in the kitchen!), lots of eating, and giving thanks for the blessings in our life.

It's a good day, so I'll keep this short since I know you have to turkey to eat, football games to watch, and memories to make (and for some...getting your game plan ready for Black Friday shopping tomorrow!).

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Honing in on My Purpose

Notice anything different?  In case you missed it, Heart & Moxie got a little makeover!  For the past few months, I’ve been tinkering behind the scenes to update my website to better reflect where I am right now and where I see this going in the future (me, my website, my business, etc.).

It’s the same, but a little fresher and a lot more focused ( will be!  that’s still a work in progress!).

Since things look a little bit different, I wanted to share with you my new focus and what that means around here.  

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A Peek Into My Rituals

Hey you…are you feeling a little bored with the monotony of life?

Are you wanting to find a little bit more spice in your life?  Looking to inject a bit of magic into your daily routine? 

Have you considered adding some rituals to mix it up and upgrade your life?

Now before you run away, let me assure you that I’m not talking about black magic, voodoo, or anything like that (although, I do think a voodoo doll would come in handy from time to time #justsayin).

All I’m suggesting is taking routine things in your life and jazzing them up a bit to make them special and meaningful to you.

That’s all…I promise!

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The Power of Rituals

Ahhh…rituals, routines, daily habits…do you have any of these?  Creating a “morning routine” is a bit of a buzz word these days in the blogging world, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just mornings!  

Personally, I find a lot of comfort and empowerment in having routines or rituals in place for other times and today, I want to start the conversation to share why these can change your life and let you take a peek at my various rituals (but that will come on Thursday!).  Hopefully, you will feel inspired to branch out and try a few of your own!

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What Can We Do Better?

Not that this is breaking news, but in case you missed it…today is Election Day here in the US.  As a lover of history, I enjoy watching history unfold as the returns start to come in, but this year, as we all know, is quite the unique Election cycle, right?

I’m not going to talk about the candidates we’re collectively voting on today.  There’s enough talk already and I like to keep things rather positive here on Heart & Moxie.  What I will say is that while politicians and politics, in general, are disappointing, this particular election year has been depressing to watch unfold.

Hate has reared it’s head (on both sides), love and respect for others has gone out the door and the desire (from others) for violence has increased.

What has happened to our country??

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