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Your Permission Slip: Make Yourself a Priority

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you’re exhausted, stressed out, and feeling pulled from all angles.

Maybe it’s your partner, kids, dog, and a crazy schedule that have you running around in circles.  Or, perhaps it’s a demanding boss and high-stress job that needs your constant attention.

Whatever it is, you’re stretched thin, and you’re ready to snap.  

Sound familiar?

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Your Permission Slip: Take a Break

Too many of women work themselves to the point of exhaustion.

Between their job, families, social obligations (i.e. volunteering, church, etc.), they have zero time to take a break and just relax. It usually takes getting sick to force a lot of women to slow down (but that’s not re-energizing downtime).

On the rare occasion when they do take some time for themselves, they can’t fully enjoy it because of feeling guilty over not doing what they’re *supposed* to do or something for someone else.

It’s time to stop this nonsense and embrace the idea of taking breaks.

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Your Permission Slip: Just Be You

I have to ask you to stop…

Stop fighting who you are!

It’s fine to want to learn, grow, and improve yourself (in fact I encourage it!), but, in today’s society, with social media such a strong influence, too many people are hiding a deep dark secret - they don’t like who they are.

Faced with the ‘perfect’ images of other people’s lives (spoiler alert - they’re not so perfect!), too many people are on a mission to hide who they really are to fit in with the image they think they’re supposed to be.

It’s time for you to give yourself permission to just be you exactly as you are right now.

Think about that for a second...permission to just be you.  Do you feel a little bit of the weight lift off your shoulders?  Are you breathing a little bit more easily?

Stop being so ridiculously hard on yourself!

You deserve just to be you.

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