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How to Change Everything, without Changing a Thing!

It happens to the best of us:  one day we wake up and feel bored, restless, frustrated, and confused with our lives.

Suddenly (but not really ‘suddenly’), everything we’ve worked for feels ‘old hat’ and unfulfilling. We crave something more while fighting off feelings of guilt for not being grateful for what we have.

Like many women over 40, most of us struggle with a deep desire and unrelenting need for something else in our lives, but we can’t quite pinpoint what’s missing, or what will fill that craving.

Instead of trying to figure it out, we push it away, distract ourselves by staying super busy, and let it fester under the surface until one day, all we have left are regrets for a lifetime of wasted opportunities.

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6 Ways to Boost Your Resilience & Thrive in Life

The summer I was 23, I moved 1,000 miles away from home (to a place I’d never been, to an apartment I’d never seen, and with roommates I’d never met) to start my post-college grown-up job.

It was exciting, but also terrifying!

Less than two months after I arrived at my new home, it was a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon and I was just starting to feel settled in when I got a call that my dad had suffered a massive heart attack and died earlier that morning.

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Feeling Stuck? Why Getting Into It, Will Get You Out of It

I talk a lot around here about getting unstuck from a life that feels routine and unfulfilling.  It’s a topic that hits home for me, having felt this way in the past and always being in the process of reinventing myself.

But, I know it’s a state that many people can relate to because for many, by the time they get into the groove of life, they realize they’ve spent many years creating the wrong life, and they don’t know what to do about it.

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Be 100% You {it's so much better!}

Remember being a teenager when everyone was desperately trying to be ‘normal’?  Everybody wore the same brands, the same hairstyles, the same shoes, etc. etc. etc.

We wanted to fit in and feel like everyone else.  We also didn’t want to make ourselves a target for ridicule by standing out!  

As we move into adulthood, we sometimes drop a little of that and begin to step into our own individuality, but not by a lot.  We still strive to hide our quirks so we blend in with everyone else.

We want to be ‘normal’.

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Facing Fears and Kicking Booty

If you were guaranteed success, what dream would you chase?

Would it be to…

  • Quit your soul-sucking job and change directions to a new career that would finally light you up?

  • Write the book that’s been writing itself in your mind for what feels like forever?

  • Put yourself back out there and finally search for the love you crave?

  • Go on that trip you’ve been Pinning for years and enjoy a much-deserved break?

Everyone has dreams.  

Some dreams are big, some are small, and others are somewhere in the middle.  Some dreams feel achievable and others feel so far out of reach, they might as well be stars in the night-sky.

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Taking Action is the Secret Sauce to Changing Your Life

For many, taking action is a hard step.

What if I fail?  What if I don’t like it?  What if, what if, what if….

But, here’s another thought:  What if you love it?  What if it leads you to something even better?

Taking action is the secret sauce to getting the life you love.  You can’t just say you want something different, or that things need to change unless you’re ready to back it up with action.

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Carry Your Gratitude Forward


It’s a word we hear a lot; especially this time of year.  The end of the year looms, the holidays beckon, and we’re encouraged to share our gratitude loudly and proudly.  So, we see daily gratitude posts on Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

I love it.  I love the slight shift in energy that comes from seeing so many people share the little things each day that makes them grateful for their slice of the world. 

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Say NO

No one would be shocked by the statement that women have a hard time saying no. It’s what lies at the heart of feeling taken advantage of, burned out, walked on, and inevitably leads to overextending yourself.

Sound familiar?

You know you need to say no, but you just can’t bring yourself to utter that magic little word.

There are a variety of reasons why women tend to struggle with this, but regardless of the why, this inability to say no holds you back and prevents you from taking care of yourself.

Women are not born with an inability to say no.  They’ve been taught this throughout their lives.  

Fortunately, what you’ve learned can always be unlearned!

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The Dark Side of Control

CONTROL…a 7 letter word that seems rather harmless, right?

For most people, maintaining control of their lives enables them to stay on top of things, or to have the “discipline” to achieve their goals.  

Yet, exerting too much control can actually have the opposite effect.  

When you try to control every aspect of your life, it's not uncommon for things to turn out the way you want.  Let's face it, you put in a ton of effort to ensure that outcome!  But, unfortunately, that leads you to believe that control is a good thing (stick with me here!).  

The reality is...control has a darker side.  

When you are controlling every tiny aspect of your life, you stop yourself from stretching further than you can imagine.  You end up living smaller than you’d like and you can’t even see that.

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Why Making Mistakes is a Good Thing

People don’t like to fail.  They’ll go out of their way to prevent failure because they see it as ‘bad.'  While mistakes may not be quite the same as failure, they’re on the path, and they make people feel uncomfortable.

But, mistakes are actually a good thing!  They help you tweak things, so you stay on the right course.

You can’t help but make mistakes, so instead of cursing them, learn to embrace them so you can squeeze all the goodness out of them to take the most advantage of them.

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