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5+ Reasons Why I Love My Design Love Planner!

Last week, I did a pretty detailed post where I compared 5 different planners, because, well...I love planners.  It's a sickness really!  I figure the best way to cure it is to find THE perfect planner, right?  I mean it has to exist somewhere!  

Well, you guys!  I think I found it!!! The Design Love Planner has just about everything I need and want! I briefly touched on it last week, but I didn't want to go into all the beautiful details in that post.  So today, I want to give this lovely lady her own showcase so you can fall in love with her too!!

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Taking a Look Inside the Passion Planner

I'm a planner.  I love to create lists of the various things I need to do and then cross them off once they're complete.  I love to plan out my days and weeks with my projects, appointments, and events.  So, it's only to be expected that I love planners!

I've tried many different formats, both paper and digital, and I've found that I'm definitely a paper planner kind of girl.  I recently stumbled upon a planner that is new to the scenes this year and I LOVE it!

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