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Why Being Self-Aware Changes Everything

How aware are you of yourself at any given time?

If you’re like most, you’re probably blissfully ignorant of your true self at any given time.  Oh sure, you think you’re totally in tune with yourself, right?

But most of us have spent so many years carefully crafting a near perfect mask to hide everything we don't  want to see. 

We don’t just hide our true selves from others, we also hide our true selves from ourselves!

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What Masks are You Wearing?

Tomorrow is Halloween (not exactly a news flash!) which, for a lot people, means putting on a costume and having a fun evening pretending to be someone they’re not.  Wearing different clothes and sliding a mask over your face (which could take the form of makeup instead of a traditional mask) makes you feel like you are someone else and it’s exciting, right?!

For one night, it’s nothing but pure fun and games.  But what about the other 364 days?  What masks are you wearing as you go about your day?

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