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Busy Summer? Don't Forget to Make Yourself a Priority, too!

When the temps rise, and the sun shines, everything seems to slow down just a bit.  It’s Mother Nature’s way to remind us to relax, get outside, and be in the moment.

As lovely as that sounds, it can be hard to do, right?  

To make matters worse, we tend to create lofty expectations about creating the “perfect” summer and not wasting a moment of the season!

While that’s’s also setting yourself up for burn-out and disappointments.  First of all, nothing is perfect! Secondly, if you map out exactly how the summer is supposed to play out, you are going to miss the beautiful opportunities that want to flow into your world, simply because it’s not on your agenda or bucket list.

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The Mental Side of Self-Care

Let’s be honest, self-care is hard work.  

It’s not just treating yourself to a day at the spa or indulging in an afternoon of ‘me-time.' These are certainly ways of caring for yourself, but self-care goes much deeper.

To really take care of YOU, there’s a lot of mental work that has to happen first. Doing this level of work allows for a deeper connection with yourself and enables you to establish a self-care routine that you can maintain on an on going basis.

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