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It's Okay to NOT Love Everything About Yourself

I’m a big fan of all things self-love.  

In fact, I don't think you can fully accept love from others if you don’t love yourself.  If you can’t love yourself, you’ll never truly believe that others can love you, flaws and all.

But, for a lot of people, the idea of unconditionally loving yourself can be a bit daunting!

Let’s be honest, we all have things about ourselves that we just don’t love, but does that mean we’re falling off the self-love train?


It is possible to love yourself while not loving all the pieces of yourself!

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13 Ways to Love Yourself Everyday

Loving yourself...

That's a hot topic these days and with good reason.  While most people long for others to love them, the most important person that can love you is….YOU!  

When you love yourself, you respect yourself and appear stronger and confident.  You establish your self-worth and fire up your internal joy.  When all of this happens, you walk away from those that mistreat you because you know you deserve better.  

But, for a variety of reasons, most people fail to see the benefit of loving themselves and practicing self-love on a daily basis.  

While it may take some time to learn to love yourself, there are little things you can do every single day that will help you walk that path.

If you are ready to upgrade your life, then check out my 13 ways to love yourself each and every day...

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Why Being Self-Aware Changes Everything

How aware are you of yourself at any given time?

If you’re like most, you’re probably blissfully ignorant of your true self at any given time.  Oh sure, you think you’re totally in tune with yourself, right?

But most of us have spent so many years carefully crafting a near perfect mask to hide everything we don't  want to see. 

We don’t just hide our true selves from others, we also hide our true selves from ourselves!

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Getting Clear on What Self-Love Isn't

In the past few years, it's not uncommon to  see someone or something telling you to love yourself more every where you look.  Self-love is a hot topic these days and I love reading all about it and inspiring others to embrace yourself, accept yourself, and love yourself.

But, I’ve also seen implications that self-love is the answer to all your problems.  That concerns me a bit because it’s giving false hope that a perfect, problem free life is possible if you just love yourself enough.  This in turn might lead to frustration and anger when you think you’re loving yourself but your life is not perfect or problem free.

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