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The Power of Journaling

Over the past couple of years, journaling has become a powerful tool for me in my self-love, self-compassion journey.  I haven’t always been a journaled, but I’ve discovered the power of the pen.  When my ink starts flowing, I’m constantly amazed at what comes out.

Just looking at my journal makes me happy and I feel a sense of calmness come over me.

When I first started writing in my journal, it felt a little unnatural and I was never sure what to write.  But, through the power of practice and discovering some journaling ‘classes’ which provided daily prompts, I started getting more comfortable with it.

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Exploring Vienna, Austria

Back in March, I reviewed a book, The Accidental Empress, and was hugely inspired to visit Vienna and Budapest (you can read my review of that book in my March Book Report).  Fortunately, one of my friends loves to travel as much as I, so not long after I mentioned my burning desire to travel to these cities, we started booking our trip!

Earlier this month, I returned from a 10 day trip to Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest.  It was an amazing trip and probably my favorite European vacation to date!  As I posted pics of my adventures on Instagram, I had some requests to share my trip upon my return.  

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48 Hours in Reykjavik, Iceland

If you're on the east coast and would like a change of pace for your next adventure, in about as much time as it takes to fly to California, you can head north to the exotic land of Iceland for a really unique experience.  I had the pleasure of visiting this lovely country on my last trip to Europe and while I was only there for about 48 hours, I completely fell in love with it and definitely plan to visit again someday!

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Be Your Own Cake First!

Dating and relationships…they’re hard, right?  Hard to find, hard to make work, and hard to let go of.  But, if you find the right one, it’s worth the ‘hard’ (at least I’m assuming that’s the case!  I’m still looking for the ‘right’ one!).

Some people can’t stand the idea of being on their own and will settle for almost any relationship that comes their way because ‘it’s better than nothing’.  But that’s just asking for a life of ‘what if’s’ and disappointments. 

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The Goodness Series: Blogging, vol. 1

If you read blogs, and I’m guessing you do since you’re reading mine, you know there are TONS of good info out there. It can be hard to find all the good content so you make the most of your blog reading time, am I right?!

That’s why I tend to enjoy when bloggers offer ‘round up’ style posts which corral a bunch of posts they’ve recently enjoyed reading.  I’ve discovered quite a few new bloggers through those shares and who doesn’t love that?!  It’s a great way to learn more and get introduced to other awesome bloggers!

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