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Taking the BS out of Time Management

We think of time management as the simple act of managing our time better.  Most of us believe we need help in this area because we just can't seem to get everything done. Our to-do list is overflowing, our commitments are overlapping, and we can’t even remember the last time we didn’t feel behind.

We believe if we could learn the right way to manage our time, we’d magically knock off everything on our to-do list, enjoy time with friends and family, have a beautiful organized home, and sport perfectly coifed hair and manicured nails all at the same time.  Am I right?!

In other words, we believe the secret to having it all is getting a better handle on our schedules and controlling the clock better.

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8 Smart Tips to be More Productive

‘How to be more productive…’.  While not exactly a new topic, it’s one that a lot you find infinitely fascinating.  Why?  Because we live in a fast paced world with endless to-do lists and never enough time.  How many of us get to the end of the day, collapse on our sofa (or bed!) exhausted from a long, busy day, yet discouraged or annoyed because we didn’t get everything done?

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Master Your To Do List, Part 1: The Basics

Do you arm yourself with a detailed to-do list everyday or do you jot down what needs to be done and hop for the best?  If you're in the latter camp, then I'm betting you get to the end of the day (or week) and feel discouraged at not completing some important tasks on your list.  If that's you, then I'm here to help!  Today, we'll be talking about the basics of how to master your to do list!

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How to Start Your Day so You're Set for Success

Are you one of those folks that hits your snooze over and over and only crawls out of bed at the last possible moment? If so, how does the rest of our day go?  If you’re hoping to get more out of your day and be a tad more successful, then listen up…mornings are where it’s at.  Setting up a morning routine will get you started on the right foot and today, I have 7 ways to start your day so you’re set for success! Study after study shows that starting your day off right will set you up for a more successful day and put you in the right frame of mind to get more things done. 

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5 Steps to Successfully Plan your Week!

Are you a planner addict?  Do you cycle through a different planner every year (or every quarter!) trying to find the perfect one?  If so, have you stopped to consider that maybe it’s not the planner?  Maybe, and this is just a friendly suggestion…it’s YOU!  

Now that I’ve been using my new planner for almost a month (and I do believe it is the perfect planner for me!), I wanted to show you how I use my Design Love Planner to organize my week.  

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