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Find Yourself to Find Your Purpose

Fact…most people are living a life of other people’s expectations, and they don’t even realize it. 

Do you ever feel like there must be more to life?  You get up each day and, like Groundhog Day, you go through the same motions, the same steps, the same obstacles as the previous day (and the last week and the last month!).  

Do you live for the weekends because that’s when you can be the ‘real’ you?  

Do you feel like you wear a mask more days than not, just to fit in with the world around you?

If any of this sounds familiar, you might be living a life of someone else’s expectations instead of your own!

Scary, right?

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Quit Trying to Be Happy All the Time

There's a movement these days to be happy all.the.damn.time.

Happy, happy, happy!

If you do a quick Google search on 'happy' you'll see links for habits of happy people, ways to be incredibly happy, etc.

It's as if the elusive answer to how to be happy all the time is the key to fixing all of your problems.

Look, I think wallowing in self-pity and being a negative, cynical, miserable person isn't what any of us want to aim for, but happy all the time?

That's a bit of an extreme on the other end of the spectrum.

Not only is aiming for never ending happiness a recipe for setting yourself up for epic disappointments, it's not healthy, so let's just cut the crap, m'kay?

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10 Ways to Make an Introvert Happy

Have you made an introvert happy today?  

Do you know who in your world is an introvert?  

Maybe you’re an introvert yourself!  

We live in a loud world where one third to half the population is an introvert.  Given how loud the world is already, let’s be thankful for a moment for all the introverts.  Can you imagine the cacophony if all the introverts were as loud as all the extroverts?

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Why Fear is a Good Thing!

Are you someone that looks 'fear' in the eye and charges right past, or do you tend to give into your fears and hold back?  If you're the former, go you! If you're the latter, then I would like to sit down and have a little chat with you,  ok?  You probably think 'fear' is bad, but it's not!  Today, I'm telling you exactly why fear is a good thing and how you can better respond to it to start chasing your dreams!

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