You have a Rebel Woman Inside You (and she can help you get unstuck!)


I’m a Type-A, planner, goal-setting, get-sh*t-done kinda gal.

When I have a task at hand, I project plan it down to the nitty-gritty details!

I get a lot done, but I also burn myself out. I was talking about this with my coach recently, and she asked me why I am such a slave to my to-do list?

I instantly replied, “because if I don’t, I won’t get anything done!”

Now, that’s not true, and as soon as I spoke those words, I knew how untrue that statement was.

Nice try, inner critics!

As we talked more, I felt a sense of rebelliousness around being so rigid with how I approach my business. I didn’t want to have things so scheduled. I didn’t want to plan talks at a specific time in my group weeks in advance (umm, hello...what if I don’t feel inspired to talk on that subject when that day rolls around!).

Rebellion is not a language I know, so to sense this rebellious side felt a little unnatural, but it also felt like I needed to perk up and pay attention!

Clearly, there’s a bit of a free spirit in me that wants to come out and play!

So, I mentioned it to my coach, and we explored this energy, which I continued on my own in the days and weeks following that call.

And, you know what I discovered?

I have a Rebel Woman inside me!

But, she’s not here to guide me down a destructive, self-sabotaging, path.

No! She’s quite the opposite…

My Rebel Woman is a voice of my Truest Self, and she’s begging me to loosen the reins and follow my heart instead.

Here’s the thing, whenever we follow our hearts, we’re following the path of our Truest Self, but sadly, we’ve spent years following logic, and rules, and shoulds (all the voices of Inner Critics, by the way!).

But, here’s the cool thing…

You have a Rebel Woman inside you too!

Yep...true story!

Your Rebel Woman is the energy that will make you feel uncomfortable when you’re stuck in a job that you hate.  

She’s the voice that will tell you to say ‘no’ to yet another request that steals more of your precious time.  

She’s the spark that ignites when you wonder “what if…”.

Your Rebel Woman shows up when you feel stuck, lost, frustrated, resentful, and resistant. She’s the voice trying to get you to drop the ‘rules’ that are creating those sensations! She’s the energy that wants you to try something different that feels better and more YOU.

If you’re feeling a sense of being lost, unfulfilled, and stuck and you’re questioning your next steps, guess what? That is your true self trying to get your attention.

That’s your Rebel Woman saying “hey lady, wake up!!”

Your Rebel Woman isn’t something to fear. What she wants for you is what YOU want for yourself!

So, when you learn to hear her, follow her, and trust her, you expose new doors you’ve never noticed before, and you experience your life in a completely new way.