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11 Promises to Make to Love Yourself More

Here's the were never taught to love yourself.

Small children naturally love others.  You were likely taught how to treat and not treat others, especially those you love.  You were probably also taught to accept other people’s differences and not bully them or belittle them.

But, I'm betting no one ever took the time to teach you how to use those same principles to love yourself.

So, as an adult, you likely beat yourself up over minor things and magnify your imperfections.  The impact of this type of hypercritical scrutiny is self-sabotage and constant internal friction (i.e. stress).

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Benefits of Unconditionally Accepting Yourself

Close your eyes and think about yourself for just a moment…head to toe, inside and out.

Do you accept yourself 100% as you are right now?

Or, do you feel you’d accept and love yourself more if you could justttt….lose those last 5 pounds, say ‘no’ more often, be a better wife/mom/daughter/friend/boss/employee/etc.?

It's typical for women to be hard on themselves and be their own worst critic.  But, the result of that overly harsh inner monologue is that those thoughts impact your sense of self-worth.

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7 Ways to Love Yourself (Flaws and All!)

You’re not perfect.  

I’m not trying to be mean, so please don’t take any offense!  Just stating something that I bet you already know.  In fact, I’d wager you could bend my ear on how you’re not perfect for the better part of an hour (or more!).

But, here’s the thing - if you and I were chatting over cups of coffee in a cozy little cafe, and you went on and on about your flaws, I doubt I’d notice any of them.  I’d sit there and wonder how you could possibly see yourself in that light since none of what you were describing was apparent to me, or anyone else.

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Upgrade your Life with a Self-Care Plan

Alright friends...time to get honest with yourself.  

How do you take care of yourself?  

Do you start your day with a 3 mile run, eat organic, go to bed early, etc.?  Do you zen out in a yoga class when you're stressed, book a massage when you're tense, or call a friend when you're upset?

There are many ways to take care of yourself, but most folks limit their thinking to just their physical being.  

But, aren't you more than just your body?  What about all of the other parts?

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Why Perfectionism Isn't Worth It

Every day, no matter where you turn or look, you’re bombarded with ‘perfectionism’.  While the rise of social media has certainly played into this, this battle with perfectionism has existed long before the introduction of Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of social sharing.  

From the dawn of time, people have attempted to portray a life to be envied by others…a perfect life.

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6 Ways to Banish Negative Self-Talk for Good!

Are you a negative self-talker or a positive self-talker? I tend to be a positive self-talker, but that's not to say I don't have my moments when a little negative thinking slips in.  But, I don't let that go too far before I squash it like a bug!  Over the years, I've worked hard to banish negative self-talk and today, I want to share with all of you lovelies six different ways that YOU can work on improving the conversation you have with yourself in your head!

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The Mental Side of Self-Care

Let’s be honest, self-care is hard work.  

It’s not just treating yourself to a day at the spa or indulging in an afternoon of ‘me-time.' These are certainly ways of caring for yourself, but self-care goes much deeper.

To really take care of YOU, there’s a lot of mental work that has to happen first. Doing this level of work allows for a deeper connection with yourself and enables you to establish a self-care routine that you can maintain on an on going basis.

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It's Okay to NOT Love Everything About Yourself

I’m a big fan of all things self-love.  

In fact, I don't think you can fully accept love from others if you don’t love yourself.  If you can’t love yourself, you’ll never truly believe that others can love you, flaws and all.

But, for a lot of people, the idea of unconditionally loving yourself can be a bit daunting!

Let’s be honest, we all have things about ourselves that we just don’t love, but does that mean we’re falling off the self-love train?


It is possible to love yourself while not loving all the pieces of yourself!

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13 Ways to Love Yourself Everyday

Loving yourself...

That's a hot topic these days and with good reason.  While most people long for others to love them, the most important person that can love you is….YOU!  

When you love yourself, you respect yourself and appear stronger and confident.  You establish your self-worth and fire up your internal joy.  When all of this happens, you walk away from those that mistreat you because you know you deserve better.  

But, for a variety of reasons, most people fail to see the benefit of loving themselves and practicing self-love on a daily basis.  

While it may take some time to learn to love yourself, there are little things you can do every single day that will help you walk that path.

If you are ready to upgrade your life, then check out my 13 ways to love yourself each and every day...

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Why You Need to Make Time for Solo Time

Everyone is busy - work, the gym, errands, the kids, friends, dating, etc.

Women tend to be responsible for not only their own lives, but they typically shoulder the bulk of the responsibility within the family dynamic.  Not to mention, trying to nurture and grow their careers.

The result - there’s no time left for you.

While the crazy schedules and never ending to-do list are somewhat to blame, women themselves are also partly to blame.  

Women try to be martyrs.  They see value in themselves when they ‘do it all', take care of everyone’s needs and everything else that goes into being the ‘perfect’ mom, partner, employee, boss, daughter, friend, etc.

In the process of this madness, they sacrifice themselves.

Sound familiar?

All you’re doing is harming your own health (physical, emotional, and mental) while not providing your best self for those in your life.

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