Welcome to the Community!
The Midlife Awakened Woman Facebook Group is where you can connect with other women on a similar journey.

The Midlife Transition isn’t exactly a piece of cake.  You likely feel frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, exhausted, bored, and maybe even a little hopeless (just to name a few!).

Navigating our 40’s means figuring out what’s no longer working and shifting gears to feel more fulfillment and connection, while, finally having a little fun!

Since so many women are struggling to figure all of this out and are craving more meaningful connection with others, I’ve created an online community (i.e., a private Facebook Group) where midlife women (close to, or over 40!) can come together to share in their experiences of this transition.

Perks of being a member of the community...
  • Opportunity to connect with other women in a similar phase of life (i.e., people that get you!)
  • Recorded Shut the Muck Up! Audios/Lives
  • LIVE talks
  • Occasional worksheets or tools to help you with your transition
  • Early access to new programs or working with me
  • And more!
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NOTE: Membership into the group is exclusively available to those on my Insiders email list. So, by requesting to join the group, you will be added to my list and receive weekly emails on topics pertaining to the Midlife Transition.

Hi, I'm Vicky and I'm on a mission to reclaim the word "midlife" so it's no longer a dirty word!  The transition that a happens in your 40s is actually one of the most rewarding times of your life.  Don't stay stuck in the Midlife Muck...turn it into a Midlife Awakening!

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