I’m thrilled that you’ve been enjoying the emails I’ve been sending your way, and I’m so happy that you want to dig in a little more on some of the best kept secrets around here :).

In case you haven’t gathered from the emails, I’m Vicky and I’m the CEO and founder of Heart & Moxie.  I’m also a certified coach that specializes in helping high-achieving women who feel stuck in their lives, to figure out what’s missing, so they can live the life they’re meant to be living and maximize their potential (who doesn’t want to do that, right?!).

To help you dig in further on your personal journey, I wanted to provide you with my top posts and favorite resources.  I hope you enjoy them!

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The following handful of posts are a few of the 'crowd faves' around here, so grab your favorite beverage, get comfy, and read through them binge-style! #nojudgment ;)