If you had to assess your energy level right now, I bet you'd say it was high, low, or about average, am I right?

What if you could go deeper than just high, low, or average?

Learning to assess your energy is a fantastic tool to have a better understanding of, not only how you show up in your life, but also how your energy is either helping you or hurting you.

Wouldn't it be great to know how you act in any given situation so you can upgrade your energy to work for you in that moment?

With the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, you can learn all of that and more...


Energy Leadership is a process that you develop that allows you to respond to changes in your life positively and have a greater impact on others in your life. 


Change is constant

Change is the only constant in life.  No matter how hard we try to avoid it, things never stay the same.  For most people, change is a source of discomfort and stress.  Most of us don't deal well with change, especially when it hits us out of the blue.

If we want to thrive in our lives, we have to learn to manage change positively.


Being a Leader in Your Life

When we think of leaders, we typically think of those in charge:  managers, CEOs, directors, etc.  Most of us never consider that everyone is a leader.  If you're a're a leader.  If you volunteer to chair a community're a leader.  If you set goals for yourself to're a leader.

Regardless of who we may lead within the various roles of our lives, we are all leading our own lives, so everyone is a leader.  

Leadership is nothing more than how you choice to act in any given situation and how you choice to interact with those around you.

That means we can all benefit from improving our leadership skills.

Harnessing the energy you create will allow you to better lead your life and those around you.  In essence, you will become a more powerful leader.


Two Types of Energy

There are two types of energy flowing through you at any given moment:  Catabolic and Anabolic

Catabolic Energy

Catabolic Energy is limiting energy. It doesn't allow you to grow or expand. It prevents you from seeing opportunities.

Despair, anger, and jealousy are examples of catabolic energy.
Anabolic Energy

Anabolic Energy is uplifting and growth-oriented energy. It allows you to see opportunities where others miss them. It opens up more options for you for moving ahead and getting the most out of any situation.

Hope, encouragement, and acceptance are examples of anabolic energy.

Seven Levels of Energy

The Energy Leadership Index identifies seven different types of energy.  Each level contains different degrees of both anabolic and catabolic energy, but the bottom two levels are generally considered the most catabolic.

As we move throughout our day, we are influenced by many factors which impact our attitude which effects our level of energy.

This level of energy is like a filter through which we view the world.  

Your energy level can make a good day seem bad or a bad day seem good.

Being aware of the filter we look through most often (i.e. the level of energy) helps us to intentionally change our filter if the current isn't working for us.

Curious to know more about these levels of energy?  Don't worry!  You will learn all about them during the followup session we will schedule after you complete your assessment.


The Energy Leadership Index (ELI for short), is a one-of-a-kind assessment that allows you to peel back the layers and take a peak at your energy.  

Aren't you curious to see if you exhibit more anabolic vs. catabolic energy at any given time?

By learning how you show up in your life, you will have an in depth understanding of how your energy impacts your decisions, your actions, your inactions, and your overall mood.

Your performance in any given situation is a direct result of how you are showing up.

The Energy Leadership Index measures this and provides a detailed look at the seven types of energy we all exhibit (yes...SEVEN!).  You will see exactly where you typically fall on the energy scale.


What is the energy leadership index assessment?

The ELI Assessment is an attitudinal assessment.  Most of us are familiar with personality assessments (like the Myers-Briggs Assessment), which focuses on personality traits and types.  

An attitudinal assessment focuses on your energy and your actions.  It doesn't really have anything to do with your personality.  

The ELI Assessment measures your energy level based on your perception of what's going on around you (i.e. your attitude of your surrounding world).  Your attitude, unlike your personality, can be modified and you have the power to change it.  

The ability to change your attitude is what gives the ELI Assessment it's power!

Once you are aware of what type of energy you typically tap into, you have the option to use a completely different level of energy, which gives you options on how you perform each day.  

The Energy Leadership Index was created by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) as a tool to evaluate your leadership potential and identify areas for growth and improvement in your personal and professional lives. The Assessment is only provided by trained and certified professional coaches.




So, you're fired up and ready to take the ELI Assessment to learn more about your current levels of energy and how you're showing up in the world...


The process is fairly simple...


After purchasing your package below, you will receive the assessment via email within 48 hours.

The first step is simply to carve out about 45 minutes of undisturbed time when you are feeling like your normal self (so, not when you're super stressful, or over-the-moon excited).

{I recommend including a hot cup of tea and a scented candle to really make it a special bit of you-time!}

The assessment is completed online and includes a serious of multiple choice questions. After you submit your answers, the results will be sent to me within a few days. At that time, I will contact you to set up our follow up call to discuss your results.


Approximately one to two weeks after you take the Assessment, we will meet together on a call to discuss your results. The day prior to our call, I will email you a condensed version of your results for you to read through in preparation.

During your call you will learn:

  • The 7 levels of energy
  • Your dominant and secondary levels of energy
  • Where your energy is serving you and helping you live the life you want
  • Where you are being hindered, or held back, by your energy
  • Ideas for how to modify your energy in order to upgrade your life

If you opt for the premium package, you will receive an additional call with me approximately one month after your results call.

The purpose of this is to check in on where you stand with some of the ideas and objectives we will have discussed in your results call. It will also give you a chance to discuss anything new that has come up for you now that you are actively aware of the levels of energy and where you typically fall.

There are two packages available for taking the assessment.


Basic pACKAGE:  $150

  • ELI Assessment
  • 90 minute followup call to discuss your results  
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Premium Package:  $250

  • ELI Assessment
  • 90 minute followup call to discuss your results
  • 60 minute call 1 month later  
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If you're on the fence and you're not sure if this is for you, consider these fun facts...

  • Who doesn't love a good 'test' to learn more about themselves??  (just so you know, though...this isn't actually a test!)
  • There are no wrong answers, so you can't mess it up!
  • Taking the assessment allows you to hold up a mirror to see how and why you do the things you do in a way that no other test, quiz, or assessment will show you.
  • Knowledge is power and knowing how you use your energy, and more importantly, how to change your energy empowers you to live a better life.
  • The changes you will make based on your results will positively impact those around you, too.


The ELI assessment is for anyone that wants to upgrade their life, learn more about themselves, and see opportunities instead of problems.

If you'd like more bullet points to run through, then here you go...

This assessment is for people...

  • That believe it's possible to change your attitude and behaviors
  • That feel they deserve to improve their lives
  • Are willing to put in the effort to make the changes they desire
  • Who are open to feedback about themselves
  • Who are ready to upgrade the thoughts, beliefs, and actions


While I do feel everyone can benefit from this assessment, there are some folks that might not get the most value out of it.

This assessment is probably not ideal for people...

  • Who feel they cannot change anything about themselves
  • Who don't want to try to change things to improve their lives
  • Who already think they're perfect
  • That don't believe online assessment tools can really tell them something new about themselves
A few months ago, I took the ELI Assessment and was coached by Vicky around my energy levels. I hadn’t realized the negative and angry feelings I had been carrying around regarding certain subjects!

After doing this ELI work with Vicky, I found that I am able to see my way to the solutions I desire on a daily basis. I have found revisiting my ELI results and energy levels on a weekly basis to be the most productive way to keep myself moving forward on a positive path!!

Thank you Vicky! I am so glad I met you and don’t know what I would do without our work together.

~ Denise S, Connecticut

I'm Vicky and I'm here to partner with you on your journey to living your wildest dreams, chasing your craziest idea, and unleashing the sassy, badass woman that's inside you and dying to emerge!

What would you do differently if you didn't hold yourself back?


I am a graduate of Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and I'm both a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).  

In addition to the ICF accredited Coaching program, I completed an additional training and certification program through iPEC where I learned how to assess the different energy levels, read your energy (through the Assessment results), and evaluate your results so you have a better understanding of your energy levels.  

+ If I change my mind, is there a refund?

I hope that won't be the case! But, if you’re not happy, I’m not happy, so I will work with you to make your experience better.

Unfortunately, though, due to the time element involved in coaching and that it’s not a product, there is no refund policy.

+ Will anyone else see my results?

Nope! Confidentiality is key and no one besides you and me will have access to your results.

The assessment is scored through an algorithm via iPEC and isn't handled via individual people.

+ When do we have the results and/or 1 month follow up calls? I work during the day...

Guess what…so do I! We will conduct our 1:1 calls for the results and 1 month post results in the evenings or over the weekends.

+ I get stressed out taking tests. What if I don't do well because I'm nervous?

It's completely understandable to get nervous when you are answering questions where you feel you may be judged. But, rest assured, this isn't a test. There are no right or wrong answers, I promise!

You aren't being graded and regardless of the results, it won't reveal that you are a bad person. This has nothing to do with the type of person you are. It's only taking a look at your energy levels.

+ What if I want to work with you after hearing my results? Is there a discount for signing on after taking the assessment?

As a matter of fact, there is! To thank you for wanting to continue working with me, you will receive 15% off the price of one of my 1:1 coaching packages!