WINTER 2019 Workshops

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Sunday, January 13: 2019: Your YES! Year!
A goal-setting workshop for women ready to set goals they’ll feel excited about and finally achieve!

Thursday, February 21: Unguilt Yourself
A workshop for women to learn how to release their guilt, set boundaries (with others and themselves!), and enjoy life to the fullest!

Thursday, March 21: Be the Boss of Your Inner Critic
A workshop for women to learn the inner workings of their Inner Critic so they can release it’s power and hop in the driver’s seat of their life.

Workshops will be help in-person at the meeting room at River’s Edge Reiki at 125 Greenwood Ave, Bethel, CT.
Taking time for yourself isn't selfish. It's essential for your well-being and happiness.

- Vicky Cook, Heart & Moxie

Vicky is a fantastic coach! She is so kind and makes you feel comfortable immediately. She gives you the space to be vulnerable without judgment. Vicky listens deeply and is good at helping you unearth the story under the one you've been telling yourself. She helps you reframe how you're looking at things, plus gets you into action so that you're not just stuck there in your thoughts, but actually work towards the things you want to achieve. I'd highly recommend Vicky to women who are looking to get unstuck and start living the lives they dream of.

What I love about working with Vicky is her ability to listen. She hears what I’m conveying even when the words aren’t matching my intentions. She challenges my thought process in a nurturing and supportive way and brings a fresh perspective to any given situation so that I can see situations from all angles and come to the best decision for me. She has a strong sense of integrity that makes her trustworthy, and I appreciate her common sense logic.

Vicky has a vested interest in seeing women succeed. She devotes her time, energy, and talents to pushing women forward. She’s very encouraging - whenever I need a kind word, she provides a kind, but balanced view. She’s also great cheerleader and knows how to inspire people. I’d recommend anyone to work with Vicky because she sees things through and will stick with them until they get where they want to go. She also leads by example. I’m in awe of Vicky’s ability to try new things to make herself and her life better and more meaningful. She perseveres, even when the path changes or doesn’t look the same, she still pushes forward. That takes bravery, which is something a lot of use lose when we grow older.

About Vicky…


Vicky Cook, CPC, is a certified transition coach that helps women over 40 design their Midlife Awakening!  

Having gone through her own midlife transition, she understands the confusion and frustration with feeling stuck in a "good" life.  She believes the 40s are one of the best decades because it’s when we finally get to release expectations, drop the 'shoulds', and step into the woman and the life we're craving.



+ What if I change my mind or something comes up and I can’t make it? Can I get a refund?

I hope that won't be the case! But, unfortunately, there are no refunds.

+ It’s winter in Connecticut, which means snow and yucky weather. What happens if the weather is less than ideal?

I get it! As a someone that grew up in Atlanta, I don’t do driving in the snow! So, if the weather is an issue and it’s deemed unsafe for folks to be out driving, we’ll reschedule the class. We’ll keep you informed on the status of the class via the email address you use to register for the class.

+ I’m not sure if I can make it, so I’m going to plan to pay at the door. How does that work?

First, be sure to check this website to see if we have any open spots since space is limited. We’ll take anybody that shows up without prior registration if we have spots available, and on a first-come-first serve basis. Also, there is a $10 surcharge for at the door, and it’s cash only and exact change only.

I cannot guarantee specific results for anyone since that is completely in your hands and dependent on the work you are willing to do for yourself. I, however, promise to be 100% present and provide a safe and trusting space for you to explore yourself and your journey. I will ask the questions to get you there, but what you decide to do is entirely up to you. Please be advised that coaching is NOT therapy and I am not a licensed therapist.

There are no refunds for cancellation or no-shows on your part. If the workshop needs to be cancelled to due to inclment weather, or not enough attendees, you will receive a full refund.