+ If I change my mind, is there a refund?

I hope that won't be the case! But, if you’re not happy, I’m not happy, so I will work with you to make your experience better.

Unfortunately, though, due to the time element involved in coaching and that it’s not a product, there is no refund policy.

+ Will anyone else see my results?

Nope! Confidentiality is key and no one besides you and me will have access to your results.

The assessment is scored through an algorithm via iPEC and isn't handled via individual people.

+ When do we have the results and/or 1 month follow up calls? I work during the day...

Guess what…so do I! We will conduct our 1:1 calls for the results and 1 month post results in the evenings or over the weekends.

+ I get stressed out taking tests. What if I don't do well because I'm nervous?

It's completely understandable to get nervous when you are answering questions where you feel you may be judged. But, rest assured, this isn't a test. There are no right or wrong answers, I promise!

You aren't being graded and regardless of the results, it won't reveal that you are a bad person. This has nothing to do with the type of person you are. It's only taking a look at your energy levels.

+ What if I want to work with you after hearing my results? Is there a discount for signing on after taking the assessment?

As a matter of fact, there is! To thank you for wanting to continue working with me, you will receive 15% off the price of one of my 1:1 coaching packages!