This month is to view connection from a high level perspective to learn why this is important to prioritize in your life, how it positively impacts your health, and things you can do to start improving (or finding!) the relationships in your life.




Topics to covered:

  • Why it’s important to make time to tend the relationships in your life a priority

  • What causes relationships to break down in adulthood & what’s needed to make strong connections

  • The role of social media and digital connections

  • What you can do to strengthen the relationships in your life

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There are many books on this topics, but these are a few of my favorites, that I highly recommend!

Girl Talk: What Science Can Tell Us About Female Friendship, by Jacqueline Mroz

This book gives a wonderful background on the evolution of female friendships over the centuries. It also evaluates the health benefits from connecting with other women and forging friendship bonds. While it doesn’t really go into the "how” of making new friends, or reconnecting with existing friends, the evolution of female friendships and the science behind how women bond with other women make it a good read.

Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How it can Help You Fine - and Keep - Love, by Amir Levine, M.D. and Rachel S.F. Heller

I LOVED this book! The authors present the three attachment styles that dictate how we interact with each other in relationships: Secure, Anxious, or Avoidant. Understanding the characteristics of each attachment style allows you to identify your own version, and of your partner. This is integral in learning how to effectively communicate with your partner and minimize stressors. If you’re on the dating scene, this is a must-read. It’ll teach you how to be on the look out for people with attachment styles that don’t mesh with yours so you avoid heartache from the start.