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I'm Vicky - a Gen X coach for Gen X women who are on a quest to discover what's missing in their lives so they can jump out of their rut to start living a fulfilling and rewarding life.

My mission is to inspire women, like you, to speak up about what they’re really feeling, be honest with themselves on what they truly want, and be brave enough to do what it takes to create the life they crave.

It’s hard to make changes and I know this from first hand experience. As a 40+ professional woman, I know the fear that comes with realizing the life I had carefully created for myself wasn’t fulfilling me or making me truly happy.

You deserve to figure out what's missing in your life and have the confidence to do what it takes to fill in that void. Life is fleeting and you deserve to maximize every minute of it!

So my question for you can I help you get started?