Gen X women (late 30s - early 50s) tell me they want more from their lives...

They're established in their careers and have tasted success from the life they've built, but it's just not enough.

They want 'more'...

More purpose outside of their careers, more adventure to make them feel alive, and deeper personal connections


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Hi! I'm Vicky...

I’m on a mission to inspire and help women just like you create the life they crave.

I understand those feelings because I’ve felt them myself!  I totally get wanting more when it appears you have it all and then feeling guilty about it.  While in my late 30s, I decided to chart a different course for my that was fulfilling, adventurous, and according to my rules.

Now, I’m a certified professional coach that works with women in the late 30s and 40s to design a life that fulfills them, allows them to experience pure joy, and limits regrets later in life.