Around here, we talk a lot about chasing  your dreams.  But, what if you don’t know how to go after those amazing dreams of yours?

If you’ve figured out what you want to do, you know you’re worth the time and energy to go get it, but you’re stuck on what to do next, I can show you how to turn those dreams into reality!

It all starts with plucking your dream out of your head (i.e. dream land), writing it down on paper, and turning it into a goal.  A goal is a plan and a plan has action steps to make it happen.  So, if you want to make that dream happen, you have to plan for it.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your dream-goal is, you CAN make it happen!  If you want something bad enough, we need to lay the foundation for success, build a fire in your belly, and stoke it every day so you keep moving ahead every single day.

My mission is to inspire you to start treating your dreams as goals that you can achieve!


If you’re ready to make your life your own and start reaching for the stars, I’ve compiled this handy resource guide to get you started.

Grab a cup a coffee (or tea or wine!), get cozy, and dive in!

Just’ve got this!!  

I'm a planner at heart and have been setting goals for as long as I can remember.  I set them for everything - day to day tasks, financial objectives, and definitely my dreams!  So you could say I've got this whole 'getting things done' thing down pat.  To inspire you on your journey, I’ve compiled some of my favorite posts on this topic.

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My ultimate dream is years away, why should I start focusing on it now?
Time has a tendency to slip by us quicker than we realize.  If you don't start focusing on your dreams and what you want out of your life NOW, you'll wake up one day and realize you put it off for too long.  Even if you can't dedicate a lot of your time to it right now, that's fine, but you can do at least one thing each day to get you closer to your goal.  

That momentum will keep you going and all of those small tasks will add up!  It's like a start out with small things and as you roll through life, it picks up momentum and more things start happening and before you know it, you're flying along and knocking things out of your way as your goal gets bigger and bigger!

I'm not sure what I want to work towards...I have too many ideas floating around in my head.  How do I pick just one?
Girlfriend, who said you had to pick just one?!  If you have several things you want to go for in your life, then starting making plans for each of them and working towards them now!  You might see that the tasks involved for each overlap perfectly, or you might notice that you'll have to plan your course wisely so you move back and forth between your goals.  

That's okay!  

Without a plan, you'll just float along and get nothing done, so dream it, write it down, make some plans, then DO it!!

I'm a mom, I work two jobs...I don't feel like I have time for dreams, nor do I have time to add more 'things' to my already packed schedule every day.  Any advice for someone like me?
 I hear you and completely understand!  Life can be crazy busy and little ones can steal every spare moment we have (thank goodness they're cute! ;) ).  While it may seem hard, the first thing you need to do is realize that taking some time for YOU is okay and necessary for your health and state of mind.  Before even diving into dreams and setting goals for your dreams, I'd recommend starting off with some personal work to get you to the place where you know your dreams are worth working on and taking time for!  It's a struggle most women have, so there's no shame in that!  I'd recommend checking out my Girl Power section to start giving yourself some love and attention.  You deserve it, busy mama!

I'm going through a transition period in my life right now (divorce, new job, etc.) and I just can't visualize any big goals or dreams for my life.  I want to plan for them, but how can I??
First things first, my dear...take a deep, cleansing breath, and relax.  It's okay!  You're in a transition period and you have a lot things moving around in your life right now.  That means you may not be in a place to figure out your big dreams yet and that's perfectly normal!!  Give yourself some time for things to settle down, for your heart to heal, and some time on your own to rediscover how awesome you are.  In time, those dreams will start flooding your mind, girlfriend, and that's when you can start writing them down and making some beautiful plans to make them happen!

I have a lot on my plate and while I am going to start planning for my dreams, will these tactics for planning and pursuing dreams work on my regular goals  like cleaning out my garage?  It desperately needs to be done, but it's so NOT a life dream or goal!  But, I have no idea where to start!
Yes! While I love to focus my message on using goal setting tactics to chase your dreams, you can use these techniques for any project!  When faced with an overwhelming or large task, no matter what it is, the best way to approach it is to break it down into manageable chunks.