As a big huge sloppy-kiss thank you for joining my Moxie Girl tribe, I've compiled this handy dandy resource list of self-love goodness and tools to get you organized.

Harnessing our Girl Power is an awesome and amazing force!  Once we fall in love with ourselves and our lives, we also need to get ourselves organized to go after those dreams and make big things happen!

I hope this helps and inspires you on your journey (and if it does, I'd LOVE to hear about it, so send me note and let me know!).

*This page contains some affiliate links.


I love taking courses and workshops to learn more and grow further in my life.  I've taken numerous courses over the past few years and these are the ones that made the biggest difference in my life and that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Susannah Conway's Journaling from the Heart 
Stratejoy’s Joy Equation


I love reading good books on finding our inner awesomeness and going for what we want in life.  I have a huge stack of books to read and as I finish them up, I'll be expanding this section with even more awesome reads.
Leave Your Mark
Choosing ME Before WE
The Gifts of Imperfections



The key to getting things done and taking control of your life is to get yourself organized!  I've tried numerous planners and these are my personal faves...
Get to Work Book
Passion Planner
Design Love Planner
Day Designer
The Start Planner


Journals come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and options.  If  you're a journaler picking the perfect journal is the key to a dedicated habit and helps tell your story alongside what you write on the pages inside.  These are my personal favorites...
Midori Traveler’s Notebook
Foxy Dori
May Designs notebooks
Christain Lacroix
Moleskin Notebook
Leuchtturm Journal


Feel Good Extras

Just a few extras feel good goodies!  Danielle LaPorte's truthbombs are the best!  They are delivered right to my inbox every morning and give me an extra pep in my step! Mind Body Green is one of my favorite websites for inspiring and motivational articles on self-love and taking care of myself.
Truthbombs by Danielle LaPorte
Mind Body Green


Sometimes you just need to relax and melt the stress away.  I try to get in a short meditation every day, or every other day and the app below is perfect for making this happen!  If  you have been wanting to try yoga and you're a little intimidated by going to a studio or if you don't have a studio convenient to you, opting for an online library of classes is a perfect option.
Yogis Anonymous



If you need to stay organized on the go, I've found these apps to be particular useful via my iPhone (most, but not all of these are also available for Android users).
Teux Deux
Google Calendar