As a Gen X’er, you’re independent, resourceful, and resilient.  


You grew up in the first generation where girls were told they could do and be whatever they wanted.  

You took that heart and you did just that.  You went to a good school and got a college degree (or two or three!) and climbed the corporate ladder.  

You’ve achieved everything you set out to do when you were a fresh faced college grad all those years ago.  

Yet, now that you’ve achieved it, something doesn’t feel quite right.  Yes, you’re proud of your accomplishments and your drive to succeed.  

But, you have a little secret...

Something inside you that keeps whispering it’s not enough and you're not happy with your life.

You try to brush it off because you have everything you wanted!  

You are the picture of success, so how can you be unhappy?!


And to make it feel guilty for wanting more.

But, you're scared that the life you’ve built for yourself might not be what you really want.

If you’re being honest with yourself, you feel unfulfilled, lonely, and bored.  


You're starting to realize that what you need is outside the comfort of the corporate walls.

You want a life while you’re still young enough to enjoy it.

You want good friendships and relationships, a kick-ass career that is purposeful and pays the bills, and to experience a little adventure to feel alive again!